Monday, November 28, 2011

Kelp noodles, sore back and the scales!!!

Ive had a really sore back the last few days....its been tender for a month or so but today its been soooooooo painful....3 doses of painkillers did nothing for it. But Fiona recommended i massage it with a tennis seems better altho far from perfect. So ill be taking the tennis ball to work with me tomorrow! So I skipped the gym. Hopefully it keeps improving...i keep massaging hopefully soon enough it will be back to 100%....just one injury/pain after another lately....pain in the flippin ass...and really makes me worry that what i am doing is right.

When i woke up this morning the scales had dropped to 83.3 so a drop of 500 grams overnight which was pretty damn awesome. Still aiming for under 83 kilos on sunday...should certainly be doable.

Tomorrow night i have bootcamp im making a point to not think about it too much...just gonna get out there and do it :) Hopefully i dont hate it as much as last thursday nite lol.

I really do like the photos in the previous post....not so wrapped with my stomach....but i like how i "look" especially in the face and my me i just look happy and healthy....and in my eyes thats pretty attractive. (Yes i really did say that - things and my perception of me REALLY are changing!) Its a nice feeling to look at a photo and not go "omg gross" and instead go "chit i really like me in this photo" its a very very nice feeling!!!

I cooked with kelp noodles last nite...Fiona bought a batch and i bought half of her....they are pretty expensive but high in iodine which is something i need!! For 340 grams they are a whole 18 calories and 3 grams of omg!! so going to try and make a bolognaise sauce and have the kelp noodles with them, i never have pasta at home anymore....but if this works out it will be nice to have a low carb "pasta" meal hehe :)


Georgia said...

Quick question, Kazz - where can you buy kelp noodles? I'm intrigued!

kazz said...

Hi Georgia - Fiona ordered them thru this site they are pretty out to $8 for 340 grams which the packet says is 3 its definitely a food i can only afford to have once a week lol ive never seen them in normal food stores :)

Georgia said...

A very belated thanks for your response, Kazz! I'm checking out the site as we speak! Hope you're having a great weekend :)