Saturday, November 26, 2011

Xmas Party and Pics :)

Well yesterday was the day of the xmas show! Big day :) Started early with a eyebrow wax and then shopping for shoes and a handbag. I then went to diva and bought a ring....i havent worn a ring since i gave Ang her ring back all those years ago...the one i bought was a size small and was too big ;) hehe but i must admit its got me contemplating buying myself a ring. Im not a jewellery person as such and one of the reasons im tempted to not get one is cos i am worried i would catch it on something at the gym....but i definitely felt very feminine wearing it. I then went and did pump. Put 7.5 kilos on each end of the bar during the squat track -rawr- the instructor says do 2-3 times your warm up weight for the squat track. I do 5 kilos for the warm up not too far off doing two times the warm up track. I also did a couple of 100 metres sprints on the treadmill at a speed of 10. Woke up today with VERY sore thighs. Anyway....after pump my instructor had a lil chat to me about doing bootcamp....there really is no getting out of this bootcamp... altho Fiona keeps telling me this is going to be good for me not only exercise wise but also "personal growth" so im going to stick at it :) And i am even going to try telling myself i dont hate it! LOL Must admit its very nice knowing the gym is so supportive of me :)

Anyways then i went home....and headed off to the hairdressers, had a dark brown put in my hair, trimmed and curled with the straightener. It seriously looked SO good! I loved it :) I then got dressed....scooted out the house and into the casino to meet Jaimee for a drink before heading to the party. The party was lots of fun!! But i was tired :( I had 2.5 glasses of champagne...and ate lots of crappy food! LOL They did have the best cupcakes and i had two....and i had lots of spring rolls, pork balls, chicken and corn muffins and lots of other finger food. I did feel really good last nite...I knew i looked pretty good (as long as you didnt look at the side view....i looked big then) but i did have lots tell me i looked good and i felt good myself....nice to not feel like the ugly beast i always viewed myself as (no i dont view myself like that these days) Anyway i was home by a lil after 11pm. A good nite but i was more then happy to crawl into bed too! I have added some pics at the bottom of this post :)

Woke up very tired today not surprisingly lol. Walked out into the living room to see my heels from last nite sitting in my gym bag LOL. Went and did body balance. My thighs were very sore and you are actually in the "squat" position a lot in body balance so they ached....then i did some of my own stuff....dragged my ass thru 2 hours of the gym. Then i went to rebel sport to buy a gym one :) (Might have to ask Fiona to write me a bit of a program for stuff to do at home with it...we were using them a lot when I was doing PT with her and my balance sucks so its certainly something i could work on) anyway while there i went and checked out there clearance rack of clothes (cos im a cheapsake!) anyway they had a pink running bare t shirt...i picked it up...was a size 10 so nearly put it back then thought oh ill try it on....and TA-DA it fits! Its even got room around the waist area....they are actually a good fit for me....usually when something fits me around the hips it is huge on my top half....but this fits me quite nicely....will post a pic below.

I look at all these pics from last nite...and its amazing to think thats me...and im not talking about the physical aspect so much....i can look at the pics and see that im truly happy in them...whilst i realise i did the work to get to where i am....i am really REALLY appreciative and thankful that i managed to build such a good support network around myself and go on this journey....and its far from over....and im not even talking about the number on the scales...this journey doesnt truly ever end...but i cant wait till i get to that point where im happy with this number of the scales and my body....and im 110% confident in myself to really tackle anything.....this week with bootcamp has made me realise im so far from that! Fiona has been telling me i really need to put myself out of my comfort zone to keep growing....and as much as i hate to admit it....i think she is right!

I really do think this week tested me....the whole bootcamp thing did my head in so much....and i prolly did go to food more then i liked to cope...i wasnt terrible but did eat a few things i shouldnt have....but i think the fact that im still going to continue doing it and not give up and throw the towel in like i normally would is a big plus for me. Challenging...but the easy way out would be to give up everything and throw myself in a huge bucket of KFC....but giving up didnt come into it....i had a few things i shouldnt have eaten....but im still here plugging along not giving up...and thats whats important!!

Progress Pic - April 2006 (170.9 kilos) vs November 2011 (81.2 kilos)

Jaimee and Me

Kerry & I - mmmm cupcakes :)

Jaimee, David & Me

Me and my size 10 Running Bare T shirt

More photos will come next week from the real photographers! :)

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