Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thinking....BUT good thinking for once lol ;)

Well i feel much better today - not so tired!! LOL Finally took a good luck at the hair colour they put in on friday....and do LOVE it :) I will definitely be going back to that hairdresser (and the bonus is they are located only 2 doors up from my house lol)

Last week was really quite disastrous....classes with trainers where i didnt really feel i got a lot out of the brain overthinking but now looking back....i think i needed this week to realise a few things. The first thing is there is like 5 weeks or so of the year left....and my goal is to see the year in weighing in the 70's. This morning the scales were up to 83.8 kilos (more sodium gain from friday) so i basically need to lose 3.9 kilos....which i can lose if i apply myself. I am spending xmas at home now (i have 24th-27th off but as work left it so late to confirm my leave to fly to streaky and back would cost $500 eeek...i could travel over with mum and her hubby and catch a bus back....but thats travelling for 2 days of a 4 day weekend which doesnt entice me at all....and of course im concerned about being under the same roof as my mums hubby for 2 nights....i think id end up pissed off more then i would be having a good time lol) so xmas at home...which is me its just another day....ill cook a turkey roll here and some salad...and in reality it will help ensure i meet my goals. Im thinking as a treat for me....i will tho buy a ticket to see chorus line for NYE (it opens new years eve at festival theatre) i use to go to musicals and live theatre A name a lot of musicals and i have prolly seen it LOL even flew over to Sydney to see 42nd street one time ;) so even tho it will mean going to see them by myself im going to start going to shows again (i use to go often by myself) but of course the seats became a issue. And because catching a taxi would be a freaking pain in the ass on NYE i will book in to a hotel for the nite.... has lots of good deals...prolly wont book it till closer to the date but thats what im thinking....if something happens and i dont go see a chorus line on NYE i will definitely go see it while its here...but NYE sounds good to me!!

I saw a advertisement in fernwoods current magazine yesterday for next years "foxy challenge" i did it last year...and at the time it was was a PT session per week and a slim session....there was a weekly challenge which i would do with Fiona which also had a guage for where your fitness level was at for your age group. I found the challenge really good at the wasnt too much different to what i was already doing but it enabled me to get a perspective on where my fitness level was at. But talking to Fiona and Tracey (my pump/boxing/cycle instructor lol) has got me thinking....they both said something to me but expressed it in different ways....Fiona said....things like bootcamp....which take me out of my comfort zoneis important for me to "grow" .... and Tracey said "this is exactly what you need at this stage of your journey"....those two comments together have made me realise i need to move past things like "foxy challenges" things where its just a PT session and me being a challenge....i need to actually really challenge myself with things that seem really scary. There would be no harm in doing the foxy challenge again for example...and yep it would mean i would be doing PT once a week....but would i gain anything else from it? Prolly not. Its the things like bootcamp i need to do....maybe doing the running club if they do that again next year (now that would SERIOUSLY be putting me out of my comfort zone....but the bonus would be that Tracey has previously run that and she touches base with me a bit and checks up on me so ive built a lil bit of a relationship with i think doing something completely out of my comfort zone but with a trainer who knows a lil bit about me and who i trust would hopefully give me the confidence to stick at something like that) So next year REALLY needs to be a year of stepping out of my comfort zone (and getting to goal!)

I bought a gym ball (fit ball) yesterday...all blown up now....nice to have one here that I can practice on in the privacy of my house....i use to use it a lot when i did PT with Fiona but i kinda sucked at it....but having it here at home where i can fall off it and the only thing i hurt is my pride is rather good ! I even saw a foam roller looks like the ridgy didge thing....was $90 so might even buy one of them so i could do more stretching at home.

Exercise wise my plan for this week is:

mon - 3 x boxing classes (geesh that will kill me!) or abs class and body combat (gonna ring the gym tomorrow to check whose taking boxing and if its not Tracey then will do the abs and combat
tues - bootcamp
wednesday - cycle class
thursday - boot camp
friday - body pump
saturday - body balance + my own stuff

I need to do a few runs as well. Prolly early in the week as i know thursdays bootcamp will be sprints. So 5 weeks till new years i need to average a loss of 800 grams per week. So the aim is to get under 83 kilos by saturday which considering i know most of my current gain is from sodium that should be easy to do!

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