Thursday, November 24, 2011


The scales dropped again overnight....down to 81.6 kilos...which put me in a much more positive frame. Work was bummer was i didnt realise id run out of my muesli bars ive been having in the i took a extra banana but it wasnt ripe enuff so it got ditched :( so then i was like off to the cafeteria looking for something that was around the 150 calorie mark (and trust me there is nothing in that calorie range there!) then i remembered they had put wagon wheels into the vending machine and i know they are around 217 calorie so i had one...really wasnt suitable....not only cos i know its not suitable...but i was still hungry after....i didnt eat anything else...but still altho it was tasty wasnt a great option!!! Tomorrow i am going to pick up some protein powder and go back to my protein shakes in the afternoon.

Tonight was the first session of bootcamp i actually turned up too LOL. I really didnt wanna go...but i knew i needed to at least do one session. So it started with a bit of a jog to the grounds where we worked out...we then did 10 sprints of 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. I was the slowest (no surprise there) i pretty much sucked at it LOL...and i hated the fact that i am so slow....and did feel very self conscious. But since i am registered for a 7.5km run in January it wont kill me to keep them up....after that we did 2 rounds of a circuit - 1 minute at each station....there was tricep dips, pushups, step ups, hovers and crunches. We then had to run up and down a set of stairs for 2 minutes and then walk back to the gym. I did burn 647 calories...and yeh i didnt enjoy it (i honestly didnt expect too) but....i know i need to see this thru....i have a very bad habit of giving up things when they get too hard....its actually quite surprising that i have stuck at this weight loss gig! LOL But i do realise thats a habit i need to i think i need to see this thru,,,,much as i wont like it. Big reminder to me why I started with PT all those years ago LOL.

I am off tomorrow....busy day....eye brow waxing....then gotta buy shoes, handbag and any jewellery to go with my dress (argh havent even decided on what colour shoes to wear...sighs) then body pump....then a hair appointment for my hair to be coloured and styled...before i go to works xmas show. Hopefully its a good nite and worth all this time ive spent shopping for blooming dresses! LOL

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