Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I feel better tonight. Im not quite sure why....but im guessing its attending the gym (altho i was kinda slack there...didnt do my running stuff). My normal trainer for cycling wasnt taking the class so we did not a big fan of RPM but it was a workout and i needed that :) I was a bit annoyed when i first got to the gym i dont like change (no ground breaking news there!) so was a bit jacked about the change of instructor but the class was okay.

I wore a tshirt instead of a singlet....but you could still see my arms and the wrinkly bits :( I might take some photos this weekend so i can monitor the skin and muscle more over the new few months. Im really thinking i need to up the weight work for the arms.

Tomorrow is my friday....three day weekend coming my way (Yay!)

Im determined to try and go to this bootcamp tomorrow night with the right attitude...i do think i will suck at it....but if i go in with the attitude of "i dont wanna be here" then i prolly am going to hate it...i need to focus on the benefits doing this could be for my body and weight loss. I wish i was that person who could just go do these things without any second thought....but i think i will always be like this....i remember as a kid taking private ballet lessons and i was suppose to perform a solo dance at a esteidford....mum had stayed up the night before sewing a tutu...on the morning of the esteidford i woke up and said im not going....sounds familiar eh lol

Jumped on the scales earlier...they seem a bit better tonight...hopefully i will go down a lil more tomorrow be under 81.5 kilos by friday morning would be nice...i was 82.4 kilos this morning so we will see what happens.

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