Thursday, November 17, 2011

What did I get from this journey apart from the obvious?

I had a interesting question asked of me on the ww forum... which you feel different apart from the obvious? And when I thought about it...its that when I look at my "before pics" I not only see a sad person but also a negative person. Before this journey I was negative, pure and simple, I thought nothing good happened to me, that life sucked and the world was against me. I felt powerless to control my life. As i went thru this journey...I realised I am capable of things...i discoverred life is as good as i make it....thats up to me and the attitude i take with my day each morning...good things happen to me because of me and cos i put myself out there. I realise now its not just that i fit into a size 12 dress that makes life good, i am appreciative of the numerous good things in my life...from people who i surround myself i spend my spare time....i am a fulfilled person with a huge amount of self satisfaction and not the empty person i once was. Really i was like a empty heart wasnt truly beating....i was just pldding along in "inside" i feel full...i have lots to think about....lots of things to occupy my lil brain....which doesnt involve being a negative zap...thats what i got out of this journey....besides a smaller dress size!

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Natalie R said...

Living a value filled life where you have direction is the most positive thing that anyone can discover Kazz. Glad that you found this :)