Wednesday, November 16, 2011

90.3 kilos lost!!!

Well today has been a brilliant day. Yesterday afternoon I went and saw my physio. She wasnt surprised at all that I had been having headaches....she did some manipulation on my neck and shoulder and found i have some "trigger points" anyway its much better today!!

This morning when I woke the scales had dropped down to 80.6 kilos!!! WOOT!!!! So i have now lost 90.3 kilos....soooooooooooo wrapped!!! It is now seeming possible I could make being in the 70's by works xmas show on the 25th....fingers crossed!!! Its crazy to think I am getting towards the end of this weight loss gig (altho i still have about 13 kilos to go to get to my "ultimate goal") and of course once there the work is far from done. But weird to think at some point in the next 6-9 months....the whole "did i lose weight this week" question wont be part of my will be more a case of "wooo hooo i maintained my weight another week" (altho that may not happen initially as i may fluctuate a lil with muscle gain) Its weird tho still....i look at myself and still have a lot of fat on me....especially on my stomach and thighs...its weird to think only another 10 or so kilos....i will theoretically be at goal...just seems i have more fat on my body....then losing 10 kilos will get rid off....but oh well will worry about that more when i get to that number.

And with that...Im off to veg in front of the tv before a early nite...7.30am start tomorrow morning!!

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Pinky said...

Awesome News! Congrats!