Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Im home today...my neck is giving me a headache and i slept crappy....add to that i am nauseaus which is prolly related to my iron being down a bit with being my cycle and a couple of bads nites sleep. My head is pounding altho my neck feels like it has a lil more movement...ill just be relieved once i get to see my physio...im thinking i prolly wont exercise tonite or tomorrow...but hopefully thursday nite ill be back into things. Pain in the ass just as im starting to get back into the running...but its only a few days....still frustrating tho.

As i said last nite...i really am at a good place in my life at the moment....and i think the biggest point that makes me realise it...is im at a point where if the scales went no further down that would be okay. (not that i am planning to maintain...my goal is to get well within the healthy weight range). I now where size 10 tops....size 12 dresses and pants are a size 14-16...its not my "dream" of where i want to end up...but its still pretty damn good. No matter what number i end up on the scales....it wont mean thats my "final body" as ive said before once i start to maintain ill change my eating slightly....basically to even more superfoods and more leaning towards eating to increase muscle. When i started this journey....i wrote this on the weight watchers site...."to reclaim my life" ... im now healthy....im no longer worried about going to sleep at nite and either not waking or having a heart attack....whilst still single....im not ashamed to go on a date or to socialise....i am fit and strong....and only going to continue to get fit and stronger...finding clothes to wear is not a issue....im not miserable thinking how my life sucks and nothing good happens to me.....i know good stuff will happen with a positive outlook and by "living life" .... so my goals i have met....but regardless what weight i am....i will always continue to increase my physical abilities...and become stronger and more toned. Its nice to not stress so much over the scales.....im up a kilo this morning....but i know to have gained a kilo of fat i would have had to eat a minimum of a extra 7000 calories....i know i havent done that...so its most likely from day 2 of TOM plus the fact i had a painkiller yesterday.

Im planning to start doing a "accelerator day" like they do on 12WBT....basically the day before weigh in cut out the bread, and weetbix. I am going to try it this weekend on sunday....ill simply have scrambled eggs for breakfast with some shortcut bacon and dry fried mushrooms...so a treat...going out for lunch that day so will just have a chicken salad (no bruschetta for me!!) and then meat and vegies for dinner....will be interested to see how that impacts everything. Apart from that i am sticking to 1300 calories every day except on saturdays dinner is a yiros instead of my normal dinner which puts me about 1500 that day....and wednesday nights for dinner im going for something a lil "flash" (this week its ricotto, walnut and spinach rolled in chicken) which will prolly put me at around 1700 cals....so that i get my high and low cal days but ensuring all clean food still :) Must say i do feel very positive about getting under 80 kilos sooner rather then later!!

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Natalie said...

The no carbs thing is interesting. I've just done 2 days of a 3 day detox (eating heaps), but no carbs and I'm 3kg down after day 2. I've never pee'd so much in my life tho!!