Friday, November 18, 2011

Its the weekend!

Ahhhhh glorious friday nite and whats even better no work for me this weekend!! YAY!!! I got my MeTV today (like telstras T box) which once i set it up means i can record Jillian on the doctors everyday!! wooot !!! excited much???? lol

Tonite i went to the gym...i ran 1km on the treadmill...admittedly only at a speed of 7 but i did it...i felt very tired :( and then i did body pump .... i had told my instructor about how i was getting over having pulled my "trap" she told me to go very light on the weights...which I did. :)

I am like ridicuously excited about sleeping in tomorrow LOL. Ive been up 5.30am most days this week and woot i can sleep in till 9am tomorrow....LOVING IT!!!

Sarah (fionas best friend and trainer at the gym) saw a copy of Lorna Janes book today!!! She said the book looks really good...our local store has one copy in LOL so hopefully they will have a copy for me to buy soon.

Looking forward to a good weekend...sleep in tomorrow as i mentioned LOL...gym in the morning...balance and some of my own stuff...saturday nite at home which i am looking forward too (when you gym it most nites of the week those evenings at home are such a treat!) and sunday out for lunch with tania and to make the weekend wonderful would be to weigh in under 80 kilos monday morning...not so sure how that will go tho!!

Have a fab weekend!

PS i nearly forgot...i had to change my top at the gym tonite i would normally ALWAYS do that in a toilet or shower behind locked doors...but today i was like...bugger it...ripped it off in the change rooms and changed....with no concern ;) thats HUGE (and unfortunately noticing new "wrinkles" on my stomach,,,,more excess skin UGH)

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Chris H said...

Excess skin is the pitts. I had all mine cut off!
Have a great weekend chick.