Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have sore abs! Either I am cramping (which i shouldnt be) or i gave them one hell of a workout today LOL I gymmed it today....did some running drills and stuff and then body balance. Burnt a nice 853 i only worked out 3 days this week cos of my neck/shoulder but in 3 days i managed to burn 2300 cals...which works out to a average of 700 calories per day...awesome :) I am actually starting to realise i am fitter and more capable then i realise. Was comparing mountain climbers today....and i did some ordinary mountain climbers and then the word "they're easy" popped out of my mouth. And i was reminded when i use to hate them and struggled to be able to do them. I still say/think "can't" a lot but i am starting to realise lil by lil...that not all the time when i think can't is it true. I know a lot of my "can'ts" are based on what i couldnt do 90 kilos ago....but slowly slowly my head is starting to catch up. This week i have a goal to "skip" as with a skipping rope....500 times. Not all at once...spread out over the week...i have a skipping rope at might try and do some of it tomorrow...also need to do my runs like i should have done last week..plenty of things to occupy me when at the gym :) Works Xmas show is next friday...still so funny to realise i am really going this year. Ive never been once over the 10.5 years i have worked there...Ive bought tickets a couple of times before and then chickened out on the day...but i SWEAR thats not happening this year! I just need to buy shoes and a handbag of some flippin description ... i have the day off work (YAY 3 day weekend coming my way!!) so in the morning i will get my eyebrows waxed...body pump at lunchtime....then hair appointment at 3pm.....and party is at 7pm !! WOOT WOOT!!! I actually talked to one of the food coaches today about weighing in with her once every 5 weeks...i just wanna weigh in semi regularly to check my body fat % .... so my body balance instructor does slim so i mentioned it to her today,.....she only does it thursday mornings....and i only wanted to do it once a month....and i have a thursday off every 5 weeks so that works out well. Tomorrow i am out for lunch with Tania...havent caught up with her for that should be good.

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