Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excess Skin

Partly because a lot of people ask about my excess skin and partly to use as progress pics over the next few months....heres some pics of me front on and side on with my stomach tucked into pants and without it....personally for losing 90 kilos I dont think it looks to bad....but I definitely still have another 10-15 kilos to lose :)


Andrea said...

Wow Kazz I haven't checked your blog out in ages - I think last time you had lost about 50kgs!

How awesome are you? You must be feeling fantastic!!

Rebecca said...

Amazing Kazz!

AntsM said...

That's incredible you really don't notice the excess skin when it's under the clothing!!!
Congratulations again on shedding 90.3kg.
Kazz, you are truly amazing; your blog & FB page are ispirational!!!!