Sunday, November 20, 2011

So i did my 500 "jumps" with my skipping rope today :) YAY one part of my homework done and dusted. I actually kinda like it...(funny how these solo exercises i usually end up quite liking!)

Went out for lunch today with Tania omg ate so much! lol bruschetta and lasagne...the bruschetta was HUGE but omg so yummii!! So good to catch up with her.

Ive come to a interesting conclusion recently...a few years ago....a goal was i wanted a relationship...i thought i NEEDED that....and trust me if the right girl landed on my doorstep i wouldnt say no ;) but the reality is in some ways i lead quite a "straight" not a not interested in going to just not interested in the "scene" as such....normally i would think this is me getting old LOL....but its not just doesnt interested me enough, being in large crowds, in environments which are so loud that i cant even hear the people i am with....i much prefer my socialising to be out for dinner with friends were we can actually socialise. My life is so busy now...and its only going to get busier. Of course my weight loss and my fitness takes up some of my time and always will, i spend a bit of my time finding motivational stuff for my facebook group, updating my journal, reading on weight loss/fitness etc. Fiona and her partner have started to help me out with doing some work towards a website i am putting together (altho they are really doing all the hard work at this point!) but its a site which will help me to meet my goal of "paying it forward" .... its still in the planning stages at this point....but will basically be a "community"...with interaction such as forums, calender with my activities, promoting me to eventually doing motivational speaking, the site really has a lot of potential...but its in the early stages and over time will evolve. Then next june i want to FINALLY start studying towards being a personal trainer, then i am doing the resolution run in january and i am sure as the years go thru there will be more things like that i enter or start to train for. January the fernwood magazine comes out...i mean really i dont know what the future holds for me....and who knows what will happen as next year unfolds....but its so nice to be at a point in my life where its so fulfilling...and things that have been goals for years (such as "paying it forward") will start to come to fruition.

Big exercise week this week. Each day at the gym ill run 1km at speed of 8 and 3 times this week ill doing intervals totalling 1km at a speed of 10. My class routine this week should be: mon - 2 x 30 min boxing classes tues - bootcamp wed - cycling class thurs - bootcamp fri - bodypump sat - balance + running drills And of course friday nite is works xmas show! excited much???? The bonus is a 3 day weekend as well...only have to work 4 days this weekend :)

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