Monday, November 21, 2011

oooops.....a lil too much carbs yesterday!

Yesterdays food ended up being pretty attrocious :( Carbs, carbs and more carbs followed off by chocolate mousse! Lawdie!!! The scales were back up to 83.2 kilos this surprise there. But back on track today.

Did 250 "jumps" with the skipping rope tonite...think i mite try and do 250 every night. I am actually getting quite good and quite fast at them! Only prolly takes me 5-6 minutes to do 250. I went to the gym tonight... my normal boxing instructor didnt take the class....someone else took it....the class was really not so good was prolly 1/3 of it was ab stuff....normally i burn 350-440 in the boxing class, and i think the way the normal instructor does the class where she overloads one arm then overloads the other has had something to do with the change in the shape of my shoulders (not solely this cos the last few months before fiona left the gym we did a LOT of work on my chest and shoulders but i think the boxing classes help) i normally do two classes in a row....but didnt bother staying for the second one. In hindsight had i known about the instructor change i woulda done abs express and then combat....oh well cant change it now....might call up next monday and check if the instructor will be doing the normal classes! lol

My abs are still sore from friday and saturday....quite low in the abs but i also noticed this after up around the rib cage area when i take a deep breath...lawdie i sound like im a old woman "oh it hurts to breathe!" lol Usually mondays is such a big calorie so disappointed about those classes....when i saw my normal boxing instructor leave the room i shoulda said "where you going? what class you teaching? i need a big calorie burn" lmfao! Its weird how when i have a meal or day off track....suddenly the "compliments" start to affect me like they did in the old days.....when ive had a day or so of being off track...and someone then is complimenting me on my weight loss i feel like SUCH a doesnt help either that i think sometimes people have the wrong perception of me...i do sometimes think people think i love the gym....breeze thru my workouts....and thats just not the truth....i dont love exercising....but i do love how self accomplished i feel after but i dont enjoy the act of exercising....i struggle with what others would prolly call basic not "natural" athletic....quite the opposite....even some of the most basic fundamental exercises i struggle with or dont perform at the level i should at this point....just basic things like pushups, squats, lunges everyone who thinks im some wonderwoman in the gym...i really more like the "little engine who could" i just try and keep at it till somehow i do it at a passable level ;)

Bootcamp tomorrow nite....wonder if i will hate it as much as i did crossfit lol Goodness i hope i manage to stick it out!

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Jane said...

I am sure you will do a fantastic job at bootcamp - like you said, you just keep pushing yourself until you can do it.

You are no fraud! The 90 kilos that you have lost are real - those are real kilos that you have disposed of, not pretend ones so please don't ever think of yourself as a fraud. You are amazing, inspiring and an awesome role model to anyone who wants to achieve anything. You are proof that it can be done and that all it takes is determination and persistence- well done Kazz you are a champion :)