Monday, August 22, 2011

YAY to running!!!

So last thursday i was 86.8 kilos on the scales....yesterday morning 88.9 kilos :( thankfully i did drop 1.2 kilos over night taking me back down to 87.7 kilos....but of course that still leaves me 900 grams over the lowest I had managed to get too. I was debating not going to weigh in tomorrow...but...i will...otherwise Amy might hunt me down and that wouldnt be pretty!!! So i am gonna chat to her about my calories...yanno i was reading the michelle bridges 12wbt facebook page last nite...they all eat 1200 calories...and a lot lose over 10 kilos in a 12 week period (some even 20 kilos) so i am wondering whether i should slowly cut back my calories till i hit 1200 calories per day.

Today was a good gym day. I did 110 kilos on the leg 22 kilos over my body weight....which by my calculations puts it that i pressed 125% of my body weight :) then i did 45 kilos on the chest press machine which was over 50% of my body weight :) Then Nora (my phsyio) was around so i went and ran on the treadmill and she did a impromptu assessment....and i have got the go-ahead to go back to running. I am allowed to start with intervals of 1 minute running then 1 minute walking up to 1.5km...we still need to do some work on my feet (they apparantly are collapsing as i run) and some work to loosen up the right shoulder....but apart from that it was all good :) So tomorrow when i go to the gym the plan will be to run up the 7 flights of stairs...boxing class...then run/walk the 1.5km and then do 20 minutes of hill intervals. I am considering doing the gyms next bootcamp...havent definitely decided on this but its a thought. And one of the other things which i forgot to mention to fiona was that when i was running (admittedly at a slower speed then i use to cos i havent run in so long) but i didnt feel out of breath....i was going at a speed of 6.8 i think tomorrow ill increase it to 7 and see how i cope (i was doing speeds of 7-8.5 previously and doing 3 minutes non stop would kill it was 2.5 minutes and i was only just starting to feel a lil tired...not puffed)

Im washing up today some of the clothes i got at the op shops on friday....just noticing the brands...portmans, just jeans, jeans west gotta love finding good brands!!

I added a counter for the number of visitors to the site yesterday....was astounded by the numbers....over 44,000....admittedly thats over 5 years....and in a 24 hour period it got about 350 hits...pretty damn impressive....the journal is out there more then i think obviously!!!

Also on the right side i have added a couple of being my "accomplishments" a page which i hope will grow :) and also a page with progress pics...."my story" that i wrote a week or two ago is going to be on another journal soon (will let yas know when) so once that is up...i will put that on a page too for all to read (and boy its one long ramble! lol)

As i have always said i want to give back and hope people gain from my journey....have been thinking about creating a facebook provide motivational quotes...allow myself and others to create a supportive community...maybe run challenges etc...its a thought...specially considering now i see how "out there" my journal is.

Not much else going on...enjoy your monday all!!


Kirsty said...

Hi Kazz! I am one of the many stealthy visitors to your blog. I pop in a couple of times a week to catch up with your latest happ'nings and for a dose of inspiration and focus, so for that I thank you : ) Have you heard of google analytics ? It gives you heaps of info on who visits ur blog, how long they stay, which country they are in etc, and it's FREE!
Anyhoo, all the very best, Kirsty

Just Jade said...

Hi Kaz, I'm doing my second round of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and yep we do eat 1200 cal a day. 300 for each 3 main meals and another 300 for snacks. She does have us training like crazy but from reading this blog for a while now I'd say you do more than the 500cal a day that Mish wants us to get. On Saturday's she wants us to burn 1000 cal and that's usually by doing lots of cardio and boxing, spin, bootcamp. She also mixes the food up a little by having no carb days towards the end of the 3 months.

The round two I just finished had some amazing results. Third place winner was a guy near me and he lost 23kg, the top loser lost something like 27kg and s ton of bodyweight...crazy stuff!

I am about the same weight as you now, sitting on 83.5 and lost 10kg last round, it's a pretty decent amount but I had a couple of overindulging moments like you had with your cookies (lol ;).., so I tripped over myself a bit and didn't do as well as I thought I should of. I wanna get down to about 68kg and am planning on doing that this round, if I stick to the food and have no cookie incidences I think I can get to goal.


Yes, your blog reaches a lot of people, I think it's reassuring to know that someone else out there is down to earth and still plodding away at the weightloss ;)