Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weigh in day :)

I weighed in today and it gave me a gain of 500 grams. I always weigh in on my home scales as my "official" number and then weigh at the gym too. Now i didnt weigh in last week at the gym ... oops! So my weigh in at the gym showed over the 2 weeks i had lost 100 grams but my body fat had dropped by .2% taking it down to 37.5%.

Made a discovery overnight lol...went to get out of bed....had lifted my head about a centimetre off the pillow...and noticed some hard mass in my stomach...first thought uh oh a tumour lol but im suspecting that rather large column running the length of my stomach practically up to my ribs are ab muscles....who knew....ive only ever felt flab on my tummy lol.

Gymmed it today....ran up 7 flights of stairs....did a boxing class...then ran/walked 1km. phew i was one tuckered out gal after that! They do this one part in the boxing class...where when they say "down" you have to lie flat on the ground....when they say up you have to jump up and punch at a bag...sometimes you only get up and manage one or two punches before they are yelling out "down" omg it kills me!! I know its good for me (i truly suck at getting up and down from the ground) but boy...everytime they do that in a boxing class i scream in my head "why meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" lol

Not much else going on...!


zanyzana said...

Laughing at your tumour! My OH lost about 30 kilos a couple of years ago (she's the butch one in the photo) and was perturbed by this sticky out thing she found on her body. I told her it was ;0called a rib. She was amazed!

zanyzana said...

Oh, you cant tell who is and isn't butch in the photo. Well, she's on the right. I'm girlier and I'm on the left.