Thursday, August 18, 2011

Well my knee is much fact its perfect...wouldnt know it was giving me pain a few days ago.

This morning when i jumped on the scales...and they finally went under 87 kilos! wooo hooo...was down to 86.8 goal by tuesday was to get down to its still doable. Must say i was very happy to see it went under 87 kilos.

Had PT today...pure torture....seriously....60 squats while holding a kettlebell...60 burpees...60 kettlebell swings....and 20 pushups on my toes followed by 40 kilos on my knees...holy!! All that jumping up and getting down on the ground and then back up again exhausted the crap out of me. And then to finish me off I had to row for 500 level 10...which i did in 2 minutes 11 seconds :) Of course after the session i was very impressed that I somehow managed to do it all...but STILL i did at the time feel like dying!!! Dread to think how i will feel calves feel a lil tight already :( yes pour the pity juice on me please LOL

Tomorrow im doing pump @ 5.30pm...and im going to do the routine i did with fiona today minues the kettlebell swings or the rowing...instead will add in 60 bent over rows with a kettlebell...that combined with pump...would be about a 90 minute workout....and the weight area will be quiet at 6.30pm on a friday doable for me :)

Tomorrow have to be up at relatively early (for a girl on holidays!) Meeting Gae from the ww forums for morning tea. Im gonna skip breakfast and have either fruit toast or pancakes with a hot chocolate then yumyum!! Afterwards i am off to do some "second hand shop browsing". And then home to be a domestic goddess and get some housework done. I have clothes all over the place at the moment....and i need to really get organised....and get rid of anything that i dont wear...or is too big for me....pain in the ass....but needs to be done!

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Pinky said...

Awesome work out! - Enjoy your day and I hope you can bag some bargains as well.