Friday, August 19, 2011

Yep, yep sucky day!

Well its kinda been a sucky 24 hours. Ive started having the dizzy spells i occassionally get when rolling over in my bed. Happened twice last nite and then i woke up with a headache ugh. Got up this morning...took panadeine which helped...then went and met Gae from the ww forum for morning tea. This was really good...she is lovely...anyone who has the chance to catch up with her...SHOULD! Some photos were taken so im sure ill pop them on here or faceboook early next week. We then wandered over to a op shop...where i got two gorgeous is a "together" brand...size 42???? hahaha no idea what size it is in aussie lingo...but its super pretty....and i also bought a size 10 just jeans top fits!!! I then wandered to two other second hand a just jeans top....a couple of other tops....and a pair of size 16 jeans...tags still on!!! So all that was good.

The bad is this morning i got on the scales.... i was up 700 grams so back up to 87.5 cycle arrived today...i just jumped on them again tonite...UGH....i will be lucky if they are under 88 kilos in the morning...i know its quite likely its just my cycle .... but damn who on earth woulda wanna be a woman...seriously!!! lol I had all intentions of gymming it tonite (seems to be a theme lately!) but since ive got some cramps i skipped it...but tomorrow morning i will be there...and fingers crossed i dont get the dizzy spells tonite. The annoying thing about the i went back thru my journal....last month when i got my cycle admittedly i didnt have a gain (and my cycle was very weird last month) but i was 88.2 kilos on the morning i got it....this month....the day i got up at 87.5 kilos....which basically gives me a 700 gram loss over the month...i know part of the reason is a few weeks ago when i ate all the cookies then the fish n chips...but geeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! and i realise its still going in a downward trend....but lawdie! I think hitting 86.2 kilos which i thought was doable only yesterday by next tuesday is definitely out of my reach :(

But on the positive for others...theres the truth....even at this point i still have sucky moments....i still even have "why do i bother" moments...but i know theres no choice....i just gotta keep on doing the do....

Heres a pic i did take tonite....which those words on my tshirt....really have significance today!

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