Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm not very patient...

Weigh in day and lost 600 grams :) so now down to 87 kilos....10 kilos till the top of the healthy weight range wooo hooo!!!

Was awake at 2.30am with a sore knee :( not really sure what made it sore only thing i can think is we were doing some kicks in boxing where you twist from a squat position so maybe something then? Anyway the classes for today should have been boxing and step...neither are probable great for a sore knee...so im swapping my days off...resting today and will gym it on sunday as well. Tomorrow my classes were going to be pump, balance, boxing and freestyle cycle. I will play it by ear...i may not do boxing....but the other 3 my knee should be fine for...specially as it is feeling better this afternoon....still can feel it a lil but certainly not like it was at 2.30am. Im also quite sore in my muscles today! LOL...sore abs from the ab class....sore butt, arms and rib area LOL .... can blame PT on that!

Someone posted on my wall on weight watchers today saying " I so want to be you, you really inspire me. It seems to be such a long journey to me. I just want the loss now, Im not very patient", the truth of the matter is anyone can do what i have done...its not like i have done anything that is unattainable....you simply make a decision that this is what you want and that this IS a priority in your life. Be more active....eat healthily and regardless how slow the losses will come...and one day you will be in the situation i am in. The other thing is...it doesnt matter how long it takes...it really doesnt! From day one...every day of exercising more and eating better makes your insides a lil healthier. Sure we may not be in a size 10 dress just yet....but our insides are getting healthier and as our insides get healthier the outside starts to look better. The journey allows you time to work out things....if it took a week to complete....it wouldnt be called a journey....it would be called a short trip! Thru out the journey....if you embrace it and enjoy it....you will gain from it. For me its given me time to work out so much....my expecations of others and accepting when relationships arent exactly how i want them that its not a failing...but it is important to put me first, its allowed me the time to work out what i truly want for my future (and this is constantly evolving) time to explore new foods...work out how exercise will fit in my life....and also start to discover the "new" me ...start to work out how you will incorporate socialising into your life....so to anyone hating how long it takes....realise it is more then weight loss...yes you do become a new person....a new and improved person....so embrace it!

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