Monday, August 15, 2011

Today has been a pretty huge day!!! Went to the PT fiona and i had to get our photo taken as i am going to be in the clubs september newsletter! Had to write a lil blurb about my journey which I did this afternoon. Kelly who is organising it also advised I could mention my journal on it as they are going to mention it :) So could have some new readers in the future!!! Then we did the actual PT session LOL

I actually did 90 kilos on the leg feet were wide on the plate which apparantly makes it harder...but even better is the fact that I was pressing more then I weigh! woot!! I also managed 45 kilos on the chest press machine as well :)

I came home, wrote up the blurb for the gym...sent it off and THEN Lorna Jane emailed me! To tell me I am definitely going to be in there book and they also wanted a short blurb which will be going into the book!!! MEGA EXCITING!!!!

I went back to the gym tonite....did a 30 minute ab class followed by a 30 minute boxing I have mentioned before those boxing classes really kick my ass!! So rather tired tonight....but a good tired.

Weigh in boxing, step and if I am not too tired body pump...have a good tuesday all!!!

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