Sunday, August 14, 2011

Had a good day today. Ive changed my snacks around a bit. My snacks are normally "yummy" things....banana with peanut butter, protein shake, if i have the calories to spare a wagon wheel, but i had a big think about it last nite and have decided to cut out lots of the treaty stuff for more fruit and yoghurt. So my banana i am having plain and also had a apple and have a yoghurt to have after dinner. Funny how when you dont have these yummy treats to look forward to i dont seem as hungry and as picky! lol. I did have a crunchie freddo frog but that was the only "treat" as such.

I went out for a 6km walk today. Its a route i did a lot last year. I never did it in under 70 minutes. (i think the average was about 72 minutes) but today i did it in 59 minutes...rather impressed with that. Thinking maybe i should do the city to bay, by myself, and aim for the best time...last year i did it in 2 hours 25 minutes....its possible i could do it in under 2 hours based on how long it took me today.

I threw out my very biggest pair of jeans and top today....decided no point keeping them....ill never need them again....and i have photos of me in them so no need to keep them....kinda nice to think its nearly a house with no size 20's in it (i have one pair of cargo pants size 20 that still fit...but getting looser)

Tonite im having a quiet nite...and probably a early nite....chickpea, feta and beetroot salad for dinner, followed by some relaxing watching the box.... :)

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JustJo said...

I was gonna tell you to not throw out your biggest clothes... but it looks like I might be too late? I have kept my largest pair of jeans, and the largest top I owned... they are huge, and the reason that I keep them is "just because".
Just because I can look at them and remember what it used to be like....
They are in a bag somewhere, stuffed in teh back of a cupboard, but I think I will keep them forever.... "just because".
Oooo, and when I FINALLY get to goal, I want to take a picture of the biggest pair of jeans, with a pair the smallest size I get to, over the top... does that make sense?/ I saw it on someone elses blog, and thought it was such a cool idea.
Anyway, I'm rambling now....
Good for you for mixing up your snacks... I think I need to do that too!