Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life is dandy :)

Bit of a reality check today...I have realised that i have lost "only" 5.7 kilos in my time since i have been off work. I know a loss is a loss. But i think my attitude of "i am happy enough with a 400 or 500 gram loss per week" is really taking a chicken way out. Its like I have given up on trying to lose a kilo per week. Sure i probably wouldnt lose that every week...but if i really applied myself i could probably hit that mark some weeks. I would hate to go back to work with having lost less then 6 kilos. There is still 5 weeks to go. So i theoretically could AIM for another 5 kilos by september 19. So if I managed to do that I would be down to 83 kilos by the time I returned to work....that i CAN be proud off. I need to knuckle down with my food (my food has been fine but i increased my calories when i went on holidays...I am going to pull that back a bit....not by much....just 128 calories per im sitting on exactly 1500 calories....according to Jillians calculations that should have me losing 1 kilo a week. Monday to thursday this the gym lunchtime and evening. Friday a day off (with morning tea/brunch with Gae and I am planning pancakes!) And then gym it on saturday morning. If I do all that....then Saturday after the gym off to Lorna Jane to buy a new top...they have two new tops i hopefully i will be able to get one of them. Heres the August 23 I would LIKE to be down to 86.2 kilos...there is no guarantee I will do this...but if I dont have something to aim for im not liking to meet it eh? Tomorrow i am planning a productive day. Housework in the morning then tomorrow afternoon im going to walk into Elder Park...walk around the river....maybe laze on the riverbank for a lil bit then walk home. So not a huge active day...but a day in the sunshine!

I think I am going to go buy some board shorts too I of these nice days these holidays I am going to go down the myself but thats okay!

I also heard tonight that some of my aunts and uncles on my dads side of the family are coming down from queensland next March for my cousins 40th birthday. Some of these aunts and uncles I havent seen since i was 14! My cousin and 2 of my aunts saw me last May (when i was about 120 kilos) so by next march...yanno i should be at goal or close to goal wooo hooo - something to aim for!) My cousins party is also going to be dressup! Any big girl knows what those thoughts would normally do for me! Freak out....omg i would never get something to fit me....but this time it was like "oooooooooooo im gonna dress up" hehehe....its 70's/hippy something to look forward is pretty dandy eh!!! Which is a weird concept in itself. Lately I always have something "good" to look forward too. It must have been when I was a kid that I had a "run" of things to look forward to. This year has been pretty amazing...PT client of the month....the sydney trip and the bridge long service leave...the Lorna Jane book...Christmas again will be in Streaky and spent at the year with the family....getting to goal at some point....the westpac stairclimb. I remember when life was i was spoiling myself when I sat in front of the tv with a big bag of life is changing!!!

Oh I took some photos of me in a crop top and cargo pants today....not the most attractive pic...but it shows my stomach/mid area is not too bad (altho of course the excess of my stomach is "tucked in")


Hijabi Lapster said...

u r amazing woman! well done! what an inspiration :) oh and my tummy looks like yours too now :))) I used to hate it in the beginning, but I think I'm used to it now, it doesn't look so bad... I sort of think they look like 6 packs hahah

Chris H said...

You have done so well girl.... as for the tummy... perhaps if you loath the 'excess' like I did you could consider a tummy tuck?
I know it's the best thing I ever did after loosing my weight (even though I have gained a huge amount back again) my tummy is still fine.
If you are considering it and want to know what it's like you are welcome to ask me.