Thursday, August 11, 2011

Today :)

So we all know ive not been as good with exercise lately as previously, and really at a time when exercise is more important then ever cos of the toning and skin aspect. I know once i return to work...and daylight savings is practically here i will be fine. So i have decided for the last 5 weeks before returning to work ill do a bit of a reward system for myself. So while the week is nearly over...tomorrow i wanna do pump and the AB class....if i do that im off to buy the cutest PINK bag that i happened to see today.

Next week i wanna gym it lunch and evening monday-thursday and also do a session saturday morning...if i do that...i will allow myself to buy a lorna jane tshirt on the weekend. So the plan will be

m - PT + combat + jam
t - boxing + 30 mins cardio + step + pump (pump is optional)
w - pump + balance + boxing + cycle
t - PT + combat + pump + balance (balance is optional)
f - day off
s - PT + 60 mins cardio + body balance

Today i had PT .... we did a lil "crossfit" circuit...10 pushups (on my knees) run to the other end of the what is similar to a squat jump 10 times then run back to the other side of the room....and then repeat another 9 times...OMG i was cursing! (And work it out thats 100 pushups lol) It was certainly a good cardio workout. Then we climbed up 7 flights of stairs....then i had to run up and down one set of stairs 10 times lol and then to finish it all off 5 or so minutes on the xtrainer! LOL....i certainly sweated and was hot by the end of the session.

There is a weight watchers buy and sell clothes group on facebook...have just added about 12 items....if i manage to sell a bit mite have to sell a bit more (i mean only $5-$10 bucks a item but if i get a bit back its a few more clothes for me)

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