Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weigh in day :)

Wooo hoooo weighed in and lost 2.5 kilos. Admittedly i was fully expecting it...but u never know with a big loss like that whether you are going to fluctuate. Admittedly i deserved it! LOL no seriously...i gained 500 grams last week...and i knew from my calories i should have lost a kilo...this week i should have lost a kilo...so you add that up you get 2.5 kilos :) Of course a big loss like that means this is going to be a hard week...and prolly will only get a small loss or stay the same...so my calories are going to have to be spot on.

I havent taken my multivitamins the last few days...i discovered there was a ingredient in them which isnt good for you (selatine) so i hadnt had a chance to go out and find some multivitamins without it...but i havent taken the multivitamins for about 5 days (i think) and man i was sooooooooooo tired this morning. I eat lower calories these days (1485 calories per day but as i cycle the calories...i do have a few days of 1200 calories and 1300 calories so need to ensure i keep up the multivitamins i obviously need them) so today is a relaxation day. Tomorrow im not gymming it either but its a big domestic day...housework...and getting rid of all clothes too big for me....ive had enuff of seeing them around the house. Ive tried to sell them...no luck...so time for the charity store :)

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