Monday, August 29, 2011

5 minute running intervals :)

I did 5 minute running intervals today!!! bahahahah!!! So exciting! Ive been trying to build up this running thing for close to two years...who knew running up the stairs would increase my cardio so much that the running thing is now becoming do-able.

So todays workout was running up 7 flights of stairs...20 minutes light walking on the treadmill...then my PT session of weights (65 kilos on the leg press with one leg only anyone?????) I then ran/walked the 1.5kms on the treadmill. Fiona wants me to now directly after i run up the 7 flights of stairs then do the running up and down the 15 steps that i do 20 times all in one go....and not break it up.

I watched series 4 of US biggest loser good...was a really good series. I never saw series 6 fully so will be watching that next.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and high calorie day...YAY :) Ive added a couple of progress pics i took today as well :)

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Pinky said...

Awesome result! Congrats - love the photos you shrinking girl you!