Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scales still moving in my favor :)

The scales dropped again this morning :) They are certainly making up for last weeks fluid gain! I knew last week my eating was perfect...and i knew with the change i had made to my calories by Jillains calculations i should be losing a kilo a week. As of this morning (and presuming i do no crazy fluctuation) I am down 1.8 kilos from last tuesday morning...and I do think I can make a 2 kilos loss by this tuesday. The best thing is for me and to me is it justifies that last week I wasnt slacking off...i knew i fact i knew my eating was worked its like a big sigh of relief for me.

While thinking about it today....i realised its putting me near another big goal. When i was about 23 i did "easyslim" i started at 99 kilos and got down to 83 kilos....ive always thought...why when i got so close did i not go all the of this morning im ONLY 2.8 kilos of being below that number. Thats like amazing...i know when i get there i was in size 16 jeans...i was still a long way of being where i wanted to be....but i just didnt have the same dedication or mindset back in those days...i still want to lose another 18 kilos...but wow to get under that 83 kilos will be amazing....its a number ive thought about a lot...not just in the large 5 years...but over the last 20 years. So its a nice lil aim ive got for the moment.

Yesterday when i did the running intervals i was doing 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking. I did the 2 minutes quite easily. Ive never done anything longer then 3 minute intervals...and doing even 3 minutes kills its been interesting after not doing really any running for 6 weeks or so apart from running up stairs that i seem able to cope cardio wise so much better with it. Im not going fast...only a speed of 6.8 but i think if i can build up at that speed slowly till i can run 1.5kms....then i can slowly build up the speed and then build up to doing it outdoors. Running is prolly not something i will ever be great at ... my feet will prolly always be a hinderance to a degree...but i think if i could eventually build up to 3kms or 5kms and eventually run in a fun run it would be awesome...cos its such a tangible thing. So anyway the aim this week is to do 3 minute intervals tomorrow and do 1.5km with 4 minute intervals by the end of the week.

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Pinky said...

WOW not long now and woo hoo nearly at the lowest!
Keep up the inspiration