Saturday, August 27, 2011

Phew what a workout!!

Well another fab day! :) When i got up this morning the scales greeted me with 85.9 kilos flashing up at me .... woo hoo!!! So i have now lost exactly 85 kilos. I am now thinking getting under 83 kilos by the time i go back to work (sept 19) is doable. Cannot believe its only 8.9 kilos till i am in the healthy weight range! I of course need to lose more then that but its very VERY exciting!!!

I then went to the gym....jogged up 7 flights of stairs....then did a PT session of weights....very unique session as i was only using one appendage with most of the exercises! i did 1 arm LAT pull down...1 arm chest press....and 1 legged leg press (yes seriously!!!) then fiona tells me i have to do 20 pushups ON MY TOES i never do them normally on my toes LOL but pushups has always been a big goal for me. So fiona has decided pushups are now going to be my friend lol anyway i have to do 10 pushups on my toes everyday....hopefully with time i will be able to do deep pushups with correct form (my form is okay apparantly but i dont go deep at fact my arms barely bend LOL) i then went out to where there is 15 steps....and i jogged up them and then walked down them 20 times....then i jumped on the treadmill and ran 2 minutes walked 1 minute till i reached 1.5km....and then did 15 minutes of slow walking and THEN i did a 60 minute body balance class....was super impressed in balance i did "dancers pose" on my left leg and didnt lose my balance once...ive NEVER managed that before (and only lost my balance once on the right foot :))

So its been a great day!

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