Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thats Life!

Today has been a GREAT day!!! Went to the gym this morning for PT. Before the session i jogged up 7 flights of stairs and then did about 15 minutes on the treadmill. Fiona then comes and gets me...then disappears...then reappears with a 5 kilo weighted jacket!!! Which i had to wear for the entire session. LOL. We went and did the stairs....another 7 flights jogging every second flight. Then there is a section of stairs....prolly 15-20 steps...i had to jog up and down them 20 times (and homework this week is to do another 3 lots of this 20)...then i did 5 minutes on the rower (and hows this i beat my previous time even tho i was still wearing the weighted jacket by 18 metres!) By the end i was very sweaty and yucky but I knew I had had a real good workout :)

I then caught the bus home...and the weird thing was (before i tell you my GREAT news of the day) i was sitting there all content and realising how happy i am lately...

Anyway so i get home....and theres a email waiting for me from a journalist! She is from Thats Life! magazine and they are interested in doing a story on my weight loss :) I spoke to them this afternoon and its all very exciting!!! Of course, as most know who read my journal i am very keen on being able to "pay it forward" and so getting my story out there is definitely going to help with that!! Anyway i will let you all know more and know when closer to when it all happens :)

And then today two colorado tops i had bought thru the weight watchers buy and sell group on facebook i have MORE new clothes LOL. I really want to get some more flashdance pants and some new tshirts from Lorna Jane before i go back to might be doing some shopping there AGAIN soon lol

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Natalie said...

What are flashdance pants Kazz?