Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Weigh in day!

Weighed in today....gained 1.2 kilos....considering i went crazy on the cookies last tuesday (when the scales had gone up to 88.8 kilos) and then i had fish and chips n bbq chips on sunday nite....that i was 88.3 kilos this morning i was quite impressed, bigger bonus my body fat dropped by 2% so is now down to 37.7% - yes how horrendously high is it considering how long i have been exercising for :(. That said ive hit the gym pretty hard the last 4 days. Yesterday i did 25 minutes on the xtrainer...PT session....then 45 min body combat and 60 min body jam. Today i did 14 flights of stairs...30 minute boxing class and 20 minutes on the xtrainer. I must say even tho I ate bad sunday night i feel a lot more focused. Im enjoying the gym more.....not so much during it but the feeling after....knowing ive done something to help with my weight loss. Not sure why its suddenly kicked it...maybe its the weather improving...or maybe its cos i know i only have 7 weeks left of these holidays and i want to make the most of it lol. Tomorrow im doing pump and balance. I really wish there was some other class for weight/resistance work ... ive barely done pump lately....mostly cos it bores me....i know its helpful with the body shaping...but its boringggggggggggg....but i need the weight work so the aim will be to keep doing it once a week, and of course i enjoy body balance.

Im still trying to decide what to wear to the dinner on saturday nite. I did try on a skirt yesterday and i did actually like it...but its kinda a casual skirt (altho i could dress it up a bit)....with my body shape and my stomach and issues with not wanting a dress that finishes above my knees it just makes finding a dress i like hard to find. My food coach goes today "what are we going to work on this week" i explained about the dinner....she was like...have whatever main meal you like....even have a dessert if you want...and one or two glasses of wine...lol...am looking forward to the night ... should be fun :)

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