Tuesday, August 02, 2011

5 years this week :)

It is simply amazing to me that 5 years ago this week I joined weight watchers on what would be the first step in my journey to get healthy. I remember how hard things were back then, and over the last few weeks I have gone back thru my journal reading on different things about my life then. I remember i LIVED on the computer...no joke...if i was awake and not at work...you would find me attached to the computer. I remember I always had to have a purchased bus ticket in my hot little hand cos the aisle where you go on a bus to pay the driver I couldnt fit in to. In the early days I tried to go for a 30 minute walk, and it took me 3 days to get over that one lil walk. I remember calling in sick to work because I simply did not have the energy to walk to the top of my street to catch the bus to work, it was just too much for my body.

I remember in the beginning...getting to goal wasnt even part of the plan. Staying on the weight watchers plan past 6 weeks was my only initial goal. But i remember right from the beginning there was something different this time. I remember after a few weeks I wanted to do some exercise, I did try a walk (as mentioned above) but that didnt work out - so in the end i pulled out my yellow pages. I would step up and down of it (funnily enough i am still doing steps! lol) I could only manage about 10 in one go initially...but I did it several times a day and built them up. Eventually I had destroyed that yellow pages and went out and bought a actual step. After just over 4 months I had lost 20 kilos. (and then proceeded to gain about 5 kilos back over christmas)

Today i am 82 kilos down. It certainly hasnt all been easy and there have been some very definite times where i have wanted to chuck this whole weight loss thing in the bin. But luckily i have had the right support around me to realise giving up is not a real option.

I am asked at times how or why i think i have been successful to date with this weight loss journey. I dont think its any one thing but it is a multitude of things. My FEAR of being 170 kilos again is a huge factor. Facing the thought of each day being closer to becoming confined to your home is scary. Your becoming that person you see on tv who the fire department are required to get them out of the house .... that is who i WAS becoming, and i am convinced if i dont hit 76 kilos or lighter i will end up back there....thats a huge incentive not to give this up. Ive had fabulous support, from a great trainer (really can I rave about what Fiona has given me enough??? She has affected my life in more ways than I can even really explain....to say I am thankful that it was suggested I train with her is the understatement of the year)to staff at the gym who are always encouraging, to friends both virtual and real wanting only the best for me and of course this great lil community that my journal has enabled me to be a part of. One of the best things i ever did was back in 2009 when i made a conscience decision to make this "my passion". When i decided to read and watch anything i can on nutrition, health, exercise etc it changed everything for me. Whilst at the time I was stuck on a plateau and it would be another 4 or so months for me to break that - learning to enjoy the difference certainly made a difference for me. Suddenly it wasnt a chore - it was my "thing", my "hobby" and if you make something your passion its no longer a torturous effort....and then when you start to succeed at it - it only encourages you more.

Today life is good, I can walk into a regular clothing store and find something to wear, i no longer puff and pant from walking to the letterbox - in fact today I am probably fitter then a lot of people I know, Im happy, I dont spend 24/7 in front of the computer and tv, I dont avoid being social and even am starting to meet new people, and I now know my body leaning, sitting, or standing on something doesn't necessarily mean it will definitely break. I can walk into a gym class and not feel I don't belong, I can row, climb staircase after staircase, Im strong (relatively lol) and I might even be tempted to think I have been successful at getting my life and health on track...all in all life is good :)

(Comparison photos will come this weekend :))


Jody said...

One thing you forgot to mention...which I feel is a major accomplishment for you is the day you bought that second airplane ticket to Sydney. You were always afraid to fly or ride the bus because you didn't feel you fit in the seats. You were so happy when you not only fit in the airplane seat, BUT fit into that suit you needed to wear on your bridge hike.

I can't express how happy I am for you Karyn.

Yes! You are almost there!

Love ya,


jaimee+one said...

Honey, this is the best blog youve ever written. I felt like i was there with you while reading every word. I could see you getting up & down on that phonebook, & could feel you being so determined & also fighting how hopeless it must have seemed.
I love your honesty, your bravery & i hope you can count me as a friend for many years to come.
Congratulations on your FIVE years!
Lotsa Love! JI x

Martine (email: mdally@internode.on.net) said...

I agree with Jaimee, this is the best blog entry you have ever written. I have actually given the link to my WW group, I thought it was so good. God are we going to celebrate when you are at goal. Looking forward to Sat night to help you celebrate. I know over the 5 years it hasn't been easy but you have got there. Well done petal. Martine xx

Natalie said...

Kazz, I can't remember how long I've been following your blog, but it has been since 130kg!

The things that shine out are your honesty and your commitment. You have huge strength (mental and physical).

I applaud you <3