Wednesday, August 03, 2011

OMG the resistance on this bike goes that high?

Im so impressed with me at the moment :) Woke with a headache this morning so was going to give the gym a miss .... but i was pretty sure the headache was related to dehydration (delayed reaction to the sodium from the fish n chips?) Anyway got lots of water in me and by 1pm i was ready to get out in the fresh air. I went for a small walk (initially this was going to be a recovery day lol) anyway as most know my feet are torturous...anyway i havent done much walking except between home and the gym, anyway i use to go for 6km walks....and that was the plan today...except i had drunk so much water this morning 10 minutes into the walk i was busting lol anyway...i walked 2.6km which is a route i normally take....last summer i tried so many times to do that portion of the walk in under 30 minutes....i dont think i even managed it under 35 minutes...but ta-da did it in 27 minutes :) Came home and a bit later decided to hit the gym tonite...i did a 30 minute boxing class first....omg!! i nearly freakin died. Im not a fan of getting down on the ground (like in a flat pushup position) then jumping up to the bag to do jabs....anyway we did 3 minutes of this where for some of the time we were down on the ground for only 2 seconds! lol it was prolly the hardest boxing class ive ever done. I then did a freestyle cycle class...ive never had this instructor before for cycle (ive barely done any cycle classes over the last 5 months) anyway she explains level 10 which is the top level u work up the resistance on the bike till you cannot pedal then drop the resistance of a tiny bit! OMG!! The legs sure got a work out. I was sweating like a maniac but was a real thorough work the aim is to definitely do that one from now on on wednesdays. Tomorrow i am doing a 45 minute step class...then prolly 30 minutes of gentle walking on the treadmill before a 30 minute PT session.....phew......

When i was at the gym tonite i was talking to a few of the girls and then one of the girls said "you are my biggest inspiration" seriously how cool is that? hearing that from someone you barely know ;) And now i am taking my exhausted butt to bed!!!!

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