Friday, August 05, 2011

Lovely Day :)

Today has been a fabulous day! It seems like it was the perfect way to spend the "eve" of my 5 years! I went shopping and found a long maxi dress,,,,lil worried its a lil low cut but im just going to pin it so its not so low cut...and it was a size 12!!!! I then went to harbortown...which is all outlet stores....i went to the Lorna Jane one...bought two tshirts for a total of $40...bargain!!! Then wandered over to joggers world and bought a pair of new balance shoes for the gym for $99.95....then over to bendon were all bras were a maximum of $15....they had bendon and elle intimates....i bought this lovely with white lace over i finally own a "date bra" lol. I then went to a local second hand store...they had everything on sale for $2 plus i had a $5 voucher 3 jackets and 3 tops for $7 and the 3 jackets are all size 12's .... 2 of them fit me perfectly .... altho one is a lil snug....size 12 in tops is definitely starting to become "my size" so i obviously have lost centimetres (havent been measured for a month or so) which is funny when the scales havent moved much...Im still in 16-18's in jeans and gym its all slowly happening :) Had lunch down at harbortown today too...out in the sunshine....was lovely!!

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Deb said...

Woo hoo! SIZE FREAKING 12????? That's been an awesome day! It's good for me to see the progress you've continued to make. We were the same weight for a while, but you've shown me what can be achieved it you stay consistent and keep on going!
I'm not sure what to do re my blog. I've been to the 'settings' page today and changed a couple of things.. Can you please try commenting on it again??
Meanwhile, keep being a role model to us all. Deb