Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pyjama Day...

I took a lazy day today, it was freakin freezing so i had a pyjama day! Ive been a bit slack this week. I feel like....I need to take things up a level. My brain has been thinking about different things. Problem is as i have said before some of the classes at the gym bore me lately. I still enjoy balance and i get the boxing one is good for me. So i have been thinking i need to do something "else" at the gym. Kinda like i feel i need to take my exercise to the next level. I could follow either 12WBTS or jillians exercise program....but i hate doing anything that might make me stand out at the gym. Jumping on the treadmill or xtrainer is fine...cos every man and there dog is doing that but doing something out of the ordinary i am not a fan of...(all goes back to the fat girl thinking i think) ive got PT homework at the moment to do some roller work and the versaclimber...and i dont know why i think like this...really what are people gonna say...snigger at the fact im doing exercise in the gym? But yet....i try and plan this so i will do the exercises around 2pm when not many people are at the gym. Sometimes it feels like im not achieving...its not like someone who decides to do running...and the goal there is to run a 5km. I know for me a lot of the time I feel like i am aimlessly wandering from class to class...piece of equipment to piece of equipment. Without this real goal of like...within 12 weeks i wanna be doing ______________________________ (fill in the blank). Altho currently i do have the stair climb we are working towards...but lol i think thats just gonna be such a struggle...of course i will complete....but it may kill me in the process. Is this just me that feels like this?


zanyzana said...

I think that's why I signed up for the city to surf. It has given me a reallynstrong focus and goal and I guess in a way distracted me from the weightloss goal.

Hailey said...

Now that you have come so far with your weight loss maybe some more goals around fitness would help? I want to run a half marathon in Oct 2012 and that is always in the back of my mind.
I totally get the fat girl mentality of not wanting to stand out at the gym, I say you pay good money to use the gym, and anyone who has been going to your gym long enough should know by now that you know exactly what you are doing!
Get outside your comfort zone!