Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exercise and Food as I was growing up.

So Euphie asked the question what sort of environment in relation to food and exercise did i grow up in.

Food wise....all our food was non processed. Where i lived there was no local takeaway stores or restuarant. We didnt have a family car so travelling to pick up takeaway was never a option. For mine and my sisters birthday each year we did go to mcdonalds (which was a bit of a hike but it was a real treat for us). Till i was a teenager i ate 4 (yes FOUR) weetbix every morning lol....i then didnt eat them for 25 or so years and now i eat weetbix again every morning. (But only 2 and on my high calorie days ill have a 1/4 cup muesli as well). Lunch most days was sandwiches (fritz and cheese being a favourite...but also cheese and lettuce was another favouries - see the theme of cheese!) and dinner was basically...some form of meat with mashed potatos, peas and carrots. On sundays mum treated us and lunch was normally pikelets with jam or pancakes with lemon and sugar. Sunday night dinner was ALWAYS a roast dinner. As most know i dont do vegetables (i eat things like capsicum, spinach, mushrooms, leek, tomatos etc but dont do things like peas, carrots and pumpkin) so dinner time was a constant battle. Mum pretty much tried everything...she would try putting cheese over cauliflower...she would make me sit there at the table till i ate the whole dinner...i even recall one time her making me eat in the laundry cos i couldnt eat my dinner properly (i didnt mind.....the toilet was the next room and i just threw the vegetables down the toilet lol...bad i know!) By the time I got to about 12 my mum gave up trying to force me to eat my dinner meals changed to basically meat (and ive never been a huge meat eater) and mashed potato. Snack wise mum was the BEST cook!!! We rarely ate store bought biscuits, or potato chips or anything like that. But there was always baked goods in the house....everything from chocolate pepermint slices, melting moments, rock cakes, devils food cake (omg drools!!) But my sister and i were never allowed to freely go to the fridge or containers with the "good stuff" lol...we also ate fruit (mainly bananas for me), we also definitely had dessert most nights. Which was anything from fruit and icecream, to apple crumble to a slice or whatever mum had baked in the house. So i basically ate very non processed with controlled treats...and funnily enuff i was a skinny child (ive popped a pic of me at about 13 below)

Exercise wise as i said i did no formal exercise before 10. I was never the girlie child playing with her dolls....and me and my sister were definitely outdoor kids. While we were never allowed a bike :( we had pretty much everything else...pogo sticks....swing set...trampoline....totem and tennis sets.

When i was 10 mum decided i was going to take ballet class. I had nearly failed grade 4 and mum felt i needed discipline. I remember mum telling me I needed to stick it out for a full term. But of course I was pretty damn good at ballet and loved it....and going into my teens this was my main form of exercise. I eventually was doing ballet 4-5 days per week - and if i didnt have class the only way i was allowed to continue ballet was to practice a hour a yep....i didnt lack in exercise! My sister did gymnastics and i occassionally went to that as well(usually during school holidays) and even did some tennis lessons at one point.

My weight gain came from two things. When my dad got sick and i was no longer doing ballet...and mum was living at the hospital she no longer had time to cook like she once did...we were often given money for lunch....for me that meant a meat pie and a apple turnover (mmmmmmmmmmmmm) which led to some weight gain...i was never overweight at this point (altho my mum was constantly on my case about it) the weight gain got consolidated when we moved from sydney to adelaide....and mum met her current husband. We ended up moving into his house....his cupboards were constantly filled with chips and biscuits and mum didnt cook as much then. So i ate a lot more processed foods then which i think led to more weight gain. I moved out of their home when i was 17 and got a lil unit by myself. I only had a lil part time job at target in those money was tight...i remember living on premium biscuits with kraft processed cheese....and also fritter rolls from the chicken shop.

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