Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Weigh in day!

I weighed in today....lost 700 grams :) As i said to my food coach last week...my aim at this point is to lose 400 grams per week, i am not in a rush and if going slower helps with the skin long term then i dont care if i dont get to goal till this time next year...so more then happy with a 700 gram loss. My body fat stayed the same at 37.7% which is good too :) slowly slowly....its consistently staying under 40% the last few weeks which is great.

Yesterday i had PT...more torture LOL. Fiona had created a collage of photos from saturday nite and printed it all up for me...so im gonna get that all nicely framed. Then fiona explained .... that in the members area at the gym there is two "books"....folders with in one of them its got weight loss testimonials for the staff and the other one is weight loss testimonials of different members....well they wanna do a "book" all on my story! LOL how insane!!! Exciting stuff tho :)

Today i did boxing. Which kicked my ass...the good thing about boxing...one it really does kick my ass but also its completely different each session. It doesnt feel like i get any better at it ever .... but got to keep on keeping on. Tonight i went out for dinner....i had made sure i had 800 calories left...so i had 2 slices of bread with a pasta bolognaise and one glass of wine. I also had a piece of bread with peanut butter when i got home....so im pretty sure i hit 800 calories smack bang on its head.

Went to a few second hand stores today....bought a couple of pairs of cargo pants....size 16 one pair fits me already altho its a firm fit...hopefully when ive lots another 3 or so kilos it will fit me nice. I bought a few tops...a peter alexander tank top...sportsgirl top...and a size 10 top which buttoned up!! It is a firm fit but another few kilos and im sure i will be wearing it. I really wish my hip and stomach area would start to catch up....I seem to be a 12-14 on my top half and a 16-18 on the top half ..... bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tomorrow im doing a big workout....pump and balance followed by my PT homework (run up 3 flights of stairs ....walk one flight....run up 3 flights of stairs and repeat as well as 20 minutes on the versa climber and some foam rolling) and then tomorrow nite boxing and cycling. Should sleep awfully well tomorrow nite! LOL I only did PT on monday which is why im doing a big day tomorrow.

Not much else going on...sure my bed is calling my name....enjoy your wednesday all :)


JustJo said...

I hear ya on the different sizes thing... I'm still bigger on bottom than I am on top :(
BUT... in saying that - did you ever think you would be complaining abouit being a size 16? hehehe... it still blows me away at times :)

kazz said...

lol..yeh i agree Jo....but still...............lol