Friday, July 01, 2011

Well my last post about no diet coke or chocolates till end of July took off ! LOL Fiona saw it and decided to join in...and then posted it on her facebook plus talked to clients she saw yesterday about it and suddenly its grown a life of its own! LOL which is good means i definitely cant quit.

Gymmed it yesterday....did a hour of cardio in a PT session. The last few weeks we have been doing 250 metre sprints on the rower. My fastest time had been 56.9 seconds....but yesterday i managed to do it in 54.7 seconds YAY... :) Which is huge for me....cos its weird people think i am some incredible gym bunny...the truth of the matter is im not. I go because i dont really have a not athletic....never was even as a kid and i highly doubt i ever will klutzy...i mean hell i can even fall over flat carpet! lol Ill never be the fastest, strongest etc.... so to do a time like that...where i realise it is pretty fast is good to me...

This week ive been getting peckish after dinner....couldnt work out why....then it clicked...normally im at the gym in the evening and then home for dinner and a hour or so later going to sleep. So even tho im on holidays im gonna get back into my routine a bit (or try too) So as i initially planned to do....monday, tuesday and friday morning i will do a 7am class,,,,that will get me going to bed at a decent hour. Then next week i will try and go to do the gym in the evenings monday, tuesday/wednesday and thursday nite. As well as that ill go lunchtime monday, wednesday, and thursday and saturday morning. Prolly sounds a lot...but its prolly not in reality. I think it will work out about 12-14 hours over the week....which is basically within that 2 hour limit per day....and includes taking sunday completely off...and only doing one class on tuesday and friday. So should work okay.

I am thinking about trying to organise a get together for anyone whose had anything to do with my weight loss. August 6, which is a saturday is the 5 year "anniversary" since i started this weight loss thing....i usually hate organising things cos i expect no one will want to come (and im not great at handling rejection) so ive asked a few friends...depending on their response i mite properly organise it and ask everyone i would like to attend. It wont be a big deal....just dinner out at some restuarant. We will wait and see.

Tomorrow i am going in to do pump and balance....theres a sh'bam class on before hand as well....mite do that as well...i havent done it before....but mite give it a whirl.

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Karen said...

Hey Kazz - How about inviting your WW Board Support Group from Melbourne?? Karen