Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reassessing (yet again!)

Well my brain has been working overtime again! Argh!! On monday...turns out i did 4 1/2 hours of exercise...yesterday i walked to the gym (1 hour walk) and then did a 30 boxing class (which kicked my ass) and then 45 minutes of combat. I was dead in combat! So tired even lifting my legs was a effort. So i think i am going to set a "cap" on my exercise! lol....I think im gonna do a maximum of 2 hours per day. Six days per week i wanna do a minimum of 1 hour....but ill stick to a maximum of 2 hours per day. I think i have biggest loser mentality. Yanna i watch all these weight loss reality shows and they are doing all this exercise...and i feel a slacker in comparison and as i am on holidays i feel i need to do more (which was always my aim for my holidays) BUT at the same time ive been sick already once these holidays (and i dont usually get sick often) and even monday night while at the gym i had a blocked ear. And i know doing 2 hours per day is good....but i guess cos it feels its getting harder to lose the weight and my body fat still needs to do such a big drop.

Im also trying to eat a bit cleaner. Im back having my protein shake in the afternoon....(which i stopped cos the nutritionist thought i should be "eating" all my food....but i know for me to lose weight the ratio of protein to carbs needs to be a bit higher then it currently is) I am ATTEMPTING to cut out the diet coke and stick to 3.5 litres of water per day. My aim is simply to try and do it till the end of July....if i can make it till then maybe ill decide i just dont need the diet coke anymore. I also dont wanna eat chocolate till end of july...this one is a bad habit i have got into they are the two big things till the end of july. Ultimately by end of July i would love to be 85.5 kilos...(which would put me at 50% of my body size lost)....i mite be aiming too high but with luck...just maybe!

I did weigh in on weight went up by 900 grams...but my body fat dropped by 1.6% so its sitting at 40% exactly....but seeing as i would like it to get down to 25% or lower i still have a lot of freaking work to do!!! My body fat was also under 39% a month ago so still have quite a bit of work to do. Measurements are being done next week.


jo said...

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to exercise all the time like they do on those TV shows?! No job, bills, responsibilities other than that--no worrying about wear and tear on the body. lol

You do an amazing amount of exercising! Isn't it great to be able to do it!

Jane said...

4 hours of exercise - that is very biggest loser! No wonder you were tired :)

You have done an amazing job, you will be at goal in no time.

jaimee+one said...

Dear K, You are so awesome!
That is all.
JI x

kazz said...

awww what a surprise seeing a comment from my favourite blonde!!! x