Sunday, June 26, 2011

Uh Oh Weigh in....

Well i was going so freaking well last week! Friday morning i was 89.1 kilos....then friday i had bacon for breakfast and oven fries that nite. I was within my calories but definitely over on the sodium side of things. Then last nite i went to a quiz nite....where i munched on cheese, low fat muffins, jatz and tzitiki .... i was definitely over calories and while i guess the sodium in jatz for most is fine...for me as i never eat hardly any processed foods was not fine. This morning i was back up at 91.3 kilos :( Today i had a bbq at mums and then stayed for dinner where they were planning pizza. At the bbq i just had 3 chicken kebabs and a garden salad, for dinner they ended up having fasta pasta....i just had a roast chicken and swiss cheese subway, i also drank 4 litres of water. Last monday i was 90.2 kilos....i think tho there could be a gain this damn annoying when for most of the week i was on target. But at the same im at this weight i dont really care as much about the numbers. Im toning more all the time...and im only 14-15 kilos from the top of the healthy weight range. I can go out and feel okay...certainly not as slim as i would like to be...and i hate my thighs still...but im a lot happier and realise when i go out i look okay.

This weekend i have no socialising plans...and i am glad for that....this week theres no reason for a sodium increase on the weekend. So hopefully this weekend i will get back under 90 kilos and STAY THERE.

I also wanna focus on exercise more. I hadnt done any fitness classes for two weeks :( but yesterday i went and did pump and balance and felt before for it.

Today was out shopping with my sister....we went to kmart....and i checked out there exercise clothes (of course) i bought 2 racer back tank tops for $5 size 16....and i also bought a pair of stretch size 16 exercise pants...only $5 too....and surprisingly they fit so good! So impressed. I then decided to look at underwear...since my size 22 full brief undies had become way too big! Well yay for size 18 bikini style undies (omg the last time i wore this style i was easily a teen!) The thing i discoverred as i went from "plus size" jeans to normal sizes is that at the back the plus size ones sit much higher....and now im in the normal could always see my huge knickers sticking out of my super happy to have the bikini knickers. And really now i think i can say i have clothing size 20 or higher that i still wear :) I also went to cotton on on saturday....bought 4 cute tshirts with cool motifs on them...size L and they fit! YAY!! So in relation to clothes things are all moving in the right direction.

Anyway wish me luck with tomorrows weigh in...i would love not to gain....but i think i may have to accept a gain. But regardless...a new week...and time to move on with a new week!


Natalie said...

Good luck with weigh in Kazz. I bounced around for 4 weeks to get firmly into double digits, and it can do your head in!

Jane said...

Hope you weigh-in was a good one :)

Only 14 kgs away from your healthy weight range - how exciting is that!!!!! You must be over the moon - congratulations Kazz you are a champion.

Gill said...

Its a pretty awesome feeling hey Kazz! Your are doing so great and are always an inspiration for me! Keep it up!