Saturday, July 02, 2011

Reading for Weightloss

I was talking to someone from the ww forums last nite....and she made a comment you left ww and have done your own thing and got the losses....she went on to say she has seen so many come and go on the ww forum but not many stick to it. I went on to explain i am lucky enough that my personality is to "read and research" I gave up weight watchers probably 18 months before i figured out what worked for me. And it wasnt one simple answer. It wasnt like one magical pill...and then the weight loss figured itself out. It actually came from lots of sources....primarily it came from jillians book "master your metabolism" but after reading that fiona lent me a few books....and i started getting interested in not only weight loss then organics but also DIFFERENT foods...feta cheese...barley....avocado.... all yummy foods....just foods i never ate. But even today i realise there is probably information out there i could learn from. Most days i will visit a site called "stumble upon" brilliant site which feeds off other you put in your interests and then you sit there clicking and it takes you to different websites....i get great recipe sites...information on organics....exercise...self improvement...lots of stuff...and i really come across some gems of sites at times. Later this month the gym is doing a seminar on reading nutritional im pretty knowledgable on them....but im betting there will be some information ill get out of it. And my point is....whatever plan you do....weight watchers, jenny craig whatever....i really cant recommend highly enough to opening your eyes and looking outside the box. No one plan works for everyone....but if you take the bits of pieces you can from all over the place that makes sense to YOU as a individual and you will work out slowly what works for you. And also dont take everything as gospel...cos we are all individuals....i CONSTANTLY read....55% of your food should be carbs....i do NOT lose when i eat that much carbs...lots of experimenting has taught me 35%-45% carbs for me works nicely....with a focus on protein. So while i read it....its just one more of those things where i take what relates and works for me...and apply it to me.

Also for those who do wanna do some reading of books....ive listed some i really recommend....

* Master your metabolism by Jillian Michaels
* Inner Health, Outer Beauty by Joanna McMillan
* The end of Overeating by David Kessler

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