Monday, July 04, 2011

Weigh in day!

Had weigh in today. On my scales this morning i weighed 88.9 kilos!! YES!!! The scales at the gym showed ive lost 2.6 kilos this week. Amy also measured me and in the last 8-10 weeks (wasnt sure of exact date) and i have lost 29.5 cms....with a amazing 9.5cms off my lower thigh!! YAY finally the legs are starting to shrink. My upper thigh i lost only 2cms but still its a movement in the right direction. The other good thing is my waist measurement is now 84cm...the recommended waist measurement for women is nearly there!!!! Amy asked me if i have rethought at all about having the excess skin cut off. I really dont want to go down that path...its a money issue, a time issue and a PAIN issue lol....but as time is going on im starting to feel like the saggy, baggy elephant...yanno a skeleton in a wayyyyyyyyyy too big outfit!! I really have hopes that once I get to my goal weight (which i think ultimately will be closer to 70 kilos as i still feel i have about another 20 kilos of "fat" to lose) and if with fiona we change my focus to more weight based workouts it may lead to some building some muscle which will help me to look a bit better. I know ultimately excess skin surgery shouldnt be done till you are at goal for 2 years anyway. When looking at my arms....Amy thought (whilst she isnt a expert of course) that while there is still some fat there its mostly skin....i have no idea....cos really when you think about friggin thick is skin? But amy thinks cos of the way it hangs....its mostly skin. That said...i did lose 2cms of my there is the possibility of it all shrinking more.

I just got a whisper of a position at work that may come up in a few months (perfectly timed for when i go back to work!)and it would be in the city!! Would be perfect!...i havent applied for any job since i got my current one over 10 years ago lol so i may be incredibly out of practice!!!

I am registering for the westpac stair climb which i am doing with fiona...i really need to work on my cardio and lung capicity to be able to do this (the aim would be to complete it in under 10 minutes) but am thinking of training for the city to bay....firstly i have to get the all clear from my physio...which fiona is going to find out week there is a running group starting at the gym...i can barely run 200 metres lol...but apparantly that wont need to get thinking seriously....and get my butt into gear if i decide to do it. It would be cool to try and run even 6kms of the city to bay and walking the remaining 6kms. Anyway will give that more thought when i know if i have the all clear or not.

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JustJo said...

How thick is skin? i used to wonder the same thing... until someone said to pinch the skin on the back of your hand.... that is how thick skin is!
Pretty thin if you ask me! hehehe...
I know that for me... I not only have a "loose skin" issue, but I also have a "fat left to lose" issue as well! lol.
WELL DONE with the fantastic loss Kazz! You are awesome!!