Monday, July 25, 2011

Weigh in day!

Big day today! I weighed in and lost 1.1 now down to 87.1 kilos (191.62 pounds) :) so 83.8 (184.36 pounds)kilos lost!!! I then tried on the one and only size 12 top i own....and it fit!!! (picture below). I then went to PT and to see my food coach. I discussed with Amy (my food coach) how much more weight to lose....Amy thinks i easily can lose another 10 but could prolly go to 15 kilos....which would put me at 72 kilos...i think i should just bite the bullet and get to 70 kilos which would mean ive lost 100 kilos. Amazing to think how close i am getting to where i want to be. Anyway after PT i went and tried on a dress from targets hot options was a black dress...low cut...went in at the waist and a A line type of skirt....(unfortunately was cut way too low for me) anyway the size 14 was too large! So i tried on the size 12 and it actually fitted!! LOL amazing...gawd it doesnt seem that long ago i would try things on and all i could see was my hips...and nothing would fit its really getting to a stage of too much choice!!! I still havent decided what to wear to my dinner on the 6th (i change my mind on a daily basis! lol) Anyway all up a fab day!!!

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