Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ahhh the scales...

The scales are down a whole 200 grams from last monday as of this morning!Over the last 2 weeks and 5 days ive lost a whole 900 grams (insert sarcasm). Ive been eating better then ever....ive been trying to eat "raw" more often. Berries and natural yoghurt for breakfast...salad with lots of greens and good fats of avocado, some turkey and nuts. And my normal dinner of chicken and roasted vegies. I did that 4 days this week. I expected a real significant loss...and it was really getting to me that i wasnt getting a decent loss. Then as i said the other day,,,,my cycle came and had been unusually painful. only stayed around for 2.5 days (normally 7 days) which makes me suspect one of 2 things.....either my PCOS is doing something funky...or maybe im heading towards menopause :( I think this week ill go to the docs and have a chat to him and get my sugar levels retested and also my iron retested, and just have a chat to him about it all. I mean ultimately if this is all related to my hormones...i mean all i can try to do is try and eat as healthy as i can and maybe even be just happy with maintaining and looking at any losses as a blessing. The fact of the matter is i am healthy these not about to die from a heart attack or stroke like i was 5 years ago....and the reality is that losing 82.7 kilos whilst having PCOS is pretty damn awesome. Of course i want to get into the healthy weight range...but maybe i need to just accept that this will be awfully slow for me....theres nothing stopping me from continuing to tone up and get fitter. I mean really who would have thought 5 years ago i would be a 80's girl! Its insane....but in a utterly great way.

Over the last 6 months or so ive done reading on raw foods....and superfoods. Im going to buy a blender and start having "green smoothies" for breakfast...i know that doesnt sound great but i hear great things about being that i dont love vegetables it would be a great way for me to get more vegetables in. Whilst i was watching different videos etc of it on you tube last nite i came across a nutrient called "msm" which is suppose to help with the condition of your skin. I came across a number of people raving about it....and one guy who had a significant weight loss (he was previously 400 pounds) who has minimal excess skin which he puts down to exercise, raw foods and im gonna get some this week and start taking it....cant hurt and even if it doesnt help with the excess skin over time its suppose to help with condition of your nails, hair and skin.

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