Friday, July 22, 2011

The goal weight conundrum...

Today ive had quite the relaxing day! My cycle this month has been the worse one ive had for a long time. 3 days of cramps :( usually i only have them for one day. I usually have quite the loss on the scales...but they have barely moved :(

Today i bought a food processor. It was the last one of the model as they have just got the new model in....only difference between mine and the new model was 50 watts on the speed and mine has some beige colouring on the switches instead of silver...but it was $90 cheaper then the new model! So impressed. Its a sunbeam 800 watts one. Gonna make some raisin cookies which are made with zucchini puree this weekend to give it a good test run.

Am really starting to wonder about what "number" should be my goal weight. Ive always thought 76 kilos as that is the number weight watchers gave me (altho ive since learnt 77 kilos is the top of the healthy weight range) i am starting to wonder how realistic this is tho. Theres no denying i will and do have excess skin. I suspect maybe its a total of 5 kilos of skin. I kinda thought for my height 70 kilos would be a nice number as its right in the middle of the healthy weight range...which is 18 kilos away but i really dont think my body has the ability to lose another 18 kilos....part of me wonders if i should just aim for 81 kilos....and then maintain for 6 months and just focus on maintaining, toning for that 6 months and then if at the end of the 6 months i then try to lose another 5 kilos. Its a longer way of going about getting to the ultimate number but maybe its a healthier way...its also hard to judge cos of the skin. I mean im never going to have the "perfect" body...i mean really i am healthy now...but im still not happy with me....but with the scales not moving much....i dont wanna end up with just getting frustrated with the scales to the point where i say "stuff it"....anyway something to consider some more.

Today i bought some cacao (raw chocolate) .... its a much healthier option and considered a "superfood" so come august 1 i am seeing a banana, cacao and peanut butter smoothie on the menu!!!

This weekend im going out for lunch with tania on sunday which should be great to catch up with her....have a fab weekend all!

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zanyzana said...

Is cacao a superfood? I brought some back from Samoa with me - picked, roasted and ground by the hands of the people who ran the fale (huts)I stayed in. I declared it at customs and they let it in. I can't wait for my OH to start playing with it... I'm sure whatever she makes will be delicious (and mean I have to go for a run or 2 to work it off!). Thanks for the info!