Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Uh oh.....carb fest.....

I think maybe last week i cut my calories too low...whilst the loss was great....ive been on a lil carb fest tonite :( and really dread the scales over the next few days. But thinking about it...it means i just need to accept the losses from here on are going to be slower...im going to put my calories back to 1500....which if you do the mathematics of it all...if i burn just 200 calories per day with exercise ... theoretically i should lose 1 kilo per week. More to the point i need to get my head back focussed on the exercise and also back to a normal sleep pattern....going to sleep at 2am and getting up at 10am well those days are done with. And the best way to resolve it....is to have to be somewhere bright and early tomorrow....and as there is a pilates class at 7am...thats where i will be! I just need to stop being a lazy ass and i have said this over and over lately but it is really now time to suck it up...make the most of all this spare time to gym it...the crazy thing is its not a case of i get to the gym and hate it...i get there and ill do what i need to do... its just the getting there part! So i wont weight for a few days....just get back on track....make sure fiona gives me some cardio homework...and really get stuck into things while making sure i dont go nutso. And yes it was the biscuits in the below post i went carb crazy with! lol. So busy day tomorrow....gym in the morning...then mid morning meeting a old school friend (who altho has seen photos hasnt seen me for over a year) for coffee (mineral water for me!) then at 3pm im off to the docs to ask for blood tests to test my hormone levels, sugar, iron etc i expect all is fine but just want to make sure all is okay there. Then i am going to go back and do the cycle class,,,i promise i will report back tomorrow nite all done!

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