Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good day :)

Well i have had a real good day today :) I knew trying to go to sleep early last nite would lead to me having a crappy sleep....just before 1am i was still awake....anyway the alarm went off at 10 to 6 and it was just way to early for i set it for 6.50am and i DID get up then :) YAY Went to the gym....did 3 lots of stairs (7 flights per "lot") walking up the first flight then jogging up the next two etc...the last 2 lots of stairs (again 7 flights per "lot") i walked up. Then i went on the xtrainer...1 minute @ level 10, 1 minute @ level 5, another minute @ level 5 ensuring the RPMs were over 80...then 2 minutes on the versaclimber for 2 minutes....i did that whole combination 3 times...then i did 10 minutes on the treadmill at a speed of 6.2 (thats fast for me lol) without holding on...then did 5 minutes of practicing my fitball exercise. Then went and had morning tea with Laura....i had bruschetta while there but worked it all into my calories so was all good :)

This morning after the gym i popped into JeansWest and was trying on a dress ..... anyway the shop attendent says do you wanna try on a long maxi like yeh....and the girl turns around and says "size 12?" lol...i nearly had a heart attack! i know its a maxi dress so thats why i can fit in the smaller sizes...cos i sure as heck dont look like a size 12!!!!

I went to the doctor this arvo...he didnt wanna muck around getting blood tests to check my hormone levels *rolls eyes* ultimately tho he did the paperwork for my insulin to be tested....if thats changed dramatically (last time my glucose was 3.9) ill insist they test the hormones.

Do you ever wonder whats your "style"....ive always worn....whatever i could wear because most hasnt fitted. I know im not a huge girlie ill never be getting my nails etc done but hmmmm i guess people see me as the jeans and tshirt person cos thats what ive always lived a adult....but truth of the matter when i was a teenager while i definitely wore jeans and t's at times....i actually wore dresses and skirts a lot. And i actually like dresses...soft flowy dresses...but seems people dont think thats "me" lol...weird....maybe i dont even know what "me" is or my style!


JustJo said...

Never say Never Kazz... you might just surprise yourself, and get those nails done one day :)

Pinky said...

You are going awesome! - Keep up the inspiration!