Thursday, July 28, 2011


Im tired....tried getting my sleep pattern on track and with not eating many carbs last week think it has all caught up with me. Im sitting here...and barely able to keep my eyes open...a very early night tonite i think.

Gymmed it today...did PT and well i was kinda pathetic ;) was suppose to row 1500 metres...and twice during it i just stopped (not something i would normally do) was weird....wasnt like i was thinking "oh im too tired" and contemplated stopping...i just stopped....and not once but twice! Kinda annoyed with myself after...important lesson i have to eat for weight loss and for maintaining my exercise.

I then did a pilates class *yawn* omg the most boring class...a couple of exercises i could see would be good for me....but majority of the time i was bored and just watching the clock VERY slowly tick....ive never been like that will stick with my body balance which i enjoy (even the dreaded yoga track) much more. Tomorrow i am going to sleep in....going to go to bed by 10.30pm and no alarm clock just wake when i do. Tomorrow lunchtime i am planning to do pump and tomorrow nite going to cafe palazzo for dinner, already sussed out the menu....spinach and ricotta canneloni seems the go-er!

Yesterday morning i had gained 1.5 kilos :( this morning i was down 400 still up by 1.1 kilos....the funny thing tho its only stressing me cos i have to front up to Amy on tuesday lol for weigh in. The fact of the matter is a 500 gram or a 1 kilo gain is not the end of the world these days....its not like when you lose your first 5 kilos...if you gain a kilo then its so hard because its such a chunk of what you have lost but at this kinda happy with where i am (but not where i wanna end up) so its not like a kilo gain and im 170 kilos again...its a kilo gain....i took it off once...i can take it off again....not the end of the world :)

Not much else going on....yiros nite here!! lol Have a good nite all!!

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Pinky said...

You are going amazingly - I have recently joned the local gym and am going tolook for a PT soon as well. Thanks for inspiring me!