Sunday, July 10, 2011

Skin Progress Pics

Since i got my panties all in a bunch lately about the "skin issue".......i decided to do a update of the skin this first pic i took at the start of march

This following photo was taken today...

My thighs which are my main concern are "smoother" not as i guess something is happening....but size wise they dont look hugely different to me...maybe a lil bit smaller....i keep hoping one day that fat above the knees will disappear lol but im starting to think i may be stuck with that. I can see tho that my hips aren't so out of proportion and its a smoother transition down from my waist to my hips. Of course the fat near my arm pits coming out of the crop top i hate .... im really conscious of it (altho in comparison to my thighs etc i know i shouldnt) i remember when i did ballet and was a skinny thing i even had those pockets of fat at the armpits then...and didnt like them then....and when i wear a tank top now....its something i really dislike....prolly worse then my "arm wings"...but overall theres improvement and thats all i can really ask for.

Whilst taking this photos is really putting myself out still glad i do it...for others who take the journey i have taken....but its good for me for getting my perspective....just hope no one looks at them and runs the other way ;)


Anonymous said...


I know how you feel with the excess skin! Mine is slowly starting to move now and it isnt as bad but it is still there! i was trying on new clothes today and i got a look in a full mirror the excess skin isnt fair! My legs thankfully are not as bad as my arms, near my boobs and my tummy. I know that it will continue to srink but once it doesnt srink anymore I will be booking in to have it removed.

Keep up your awesome work! I read your blog all the time but never get around to commenting!!!

Euphie said...

Hi Kazz,

There is a difference - look at how your undies fit and where they sit on your hips (cool undies by the way).

You have no idea how valuable your pics are to others. Even others like me who don't have a starting weight quite as high as yours was can look at your pics and feel better about any loose skin fears. It's like "Loose skin vs overweight? I'll take the skin thanks. If I can look as good as Kazz at goal then it's all good".

Keep it up.

Euphie said...
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kazz said...

I must point out they are pyjama bottoms and a exercise crop top lol im not brave enuff to be in my undies ;)