Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Good Day!!!!!

Well so much happening lately...weighin was yesterday and i stayed the same so 88.9 kilos. Ive been super slack the last month or so in the exercise department so was no real surprise. But my food coach said..."increase the exercise or cut back on calories next week" eek!! So not surprisingly i am making a real effort with the exercise. Yesterday i did 21 flights of stairs (i jogged up 12 of them and walked up 9 of them - alternating one flight jogging then the next walking)...i then did my PT session and then last nite i did body combat and body jam. Today i went in and did a 30 minute boxing session....im always at war with myself over boxing...its a huge sweat fest for me within 30 minutes....but kicking the bag i know can sometimes irritate my foot...but my foot survived it YAY :) Then tonite i went and did step!!! Thats huge for me...i havent done step for about 18 months....and when i did it then it killed my foot...i was in so much pain and it took weeks to settle down! But my foot coped good.

Now onto my exciting news (facebook readers mite just wanna bypass this paragraph cos its old news to them lol)....but a week or so ago....on Lorna Janes facebook they had a competition to go in a draw to win a $100 gift voucher...you just had to say how Lorna Jane had inspired you and send a before and after pic. There was also mention that some may go into Lorna Janes book she is writing. Well i didnt think much about it and in fact i had even forgotten that i emailed them! Well today they emailed me to say Lorna Jane and her publisher loved my pics and story :) and want to put me in their book!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! Who would have thought 5 years ago i would be in a book!!! Who would have thought I could be PT client of the month at the gym!!! All super exciting stuff....this kinda stuff usually happens to other people...cant quite believe it so very exciting!!!

Not much else going on but had to share my news :)


Jody said...

Good things happen to good, hard working people!! I am just so proud of you!!

Jane said...

That is fantastic news!!!! And very exciting, you must be soooo proud of yourself. You have done an amazing job and you totally deserve the recognition you are getting - well done :)