Saturday, July 09, 2011

Rewrite of last post in a more positive vein.

So fiona wanted me to rewrite my previous post but put a positive spin on it point for here goes....

Whilst I havent been going to the gym as much as i would have liked and aimed to whilst on leave....this week im gonna focus on getting to the gym 5 days a week. Just one visit per day. Ill post a schedule at the bottom of this post....and i just wanna see that thru....missing no planned sessions...back to taking the "option" out of it. So no excuses about bad weather or wanting to stay home...just one week off staying with what I committ too.

Whilst I dont need to LOVE the gym....I do need to keep going and keep working towards a healthier me and just do my best. I dont need to excel..or be the best...but I do need to stop comparing...and get back to just running my own journey.

Whilst running isnt something I am focusing on at the moment...I am still going to work towards that goal of doing low pushups with perfect form.

Realistically where my weight is still not honestly acceptable...I set out to get down to 76 kilos....and i really need to refocus on that and reach that. And also with everything I know...I know skin can take up to 2 years to settle down...I need to give myself that full 2 years....then if its not acceptable then maybe relook at things. I do what muscle built (altho i want to look feminine) but I still think you can have a defined, feminine body and I guess there is not a 100% guarantee my body will resemble the saggy, baggy elephant....and since its not a guarantee...I need to just work at it as it is something I can do....I also need to remember that regardless Im a thousand times better off then I was. And once I get to goal...I just need to accept that its then the next chapter which will be at least 2 years in the making and not expect I will have a perfect body once I get there...I wont....but I will just work with what I end up with and make the best of it.

So the schedule ill stick to this week ... no excuses is:

mon - PT + combat
tuesday - pump + boxing
wednesday - pump + balance
thursday - double PT
saturday - pump + balance

Tuesday and friday during the day I will do any "homework" set for me.

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