Friday, July 08, 2011

I am trying to stop thinking about "at goal" the whole maintenance process does my head in a bit, so im gonna just try and focus on "now" and not so much on "then"

Gymmed it yesterday...quite torturous actually! Registered for the "westpac stair climb" which is to climb 30 flights (600 stairs)...fiona has started me having jogging up one and two flights at a time....kills me....i just dont have the lung capacity for it....and so am huffing and puffing like a mad woman. Did do two lots of 5 minute stints on the rower yesterday...on level 10....the first time i did 1121 metres in 5 minutes....the second time i managed 1166 metres in 5 pretty good. We also did some intervals on the xtrainer...i then went back in last nite and did 50 minutes on the treadmill...a couple of 2 minute stints of running and the rest just walking. Fiona had then set me to ride 20 kms on the bike in one go UGH i dont ride the bike enough and kinda sucked at it! lol I did 7.5km and decided that was enuff! (did do 20 mins on the treadmill too) tomorrow ill go back in and do another 7.5kms before body balance....and then either sunday or monday ill do the last 5kms....i was suppose to do it in one go...but it was killing me (my poor legs! lol)

I had been thinking of training to run the city to bay (12km walk/run) as the gym has a running group...but my physio didnt want me doing at least for this year that wont be a go-er (but prolly can walk it still) But maybe this is good gonna need goals to work towards next year....maybe by next year i can work towards it.

I of course had a big loss last week and was sitting at 88.9 kilos...not surprisingly the scales are moving slower this week...this morning was 88.5 kilos....ill be happy with a 500 gram loss this fingers crossed.

I got told i dont put enuff personal stuff on my journal! lol so you may remember a few months ago...there was someone i had been talking to of the pink sofa....and we met up at the end of april....well we are still spending time together...were for each other...and who knows what the future holds....but at this stage i am certainly enjoying spending time with her and getting to know her more :) Really amazing to me to think anyone could be interested in seeing me more then once LOL...but it is going nicely.

Not much else going on...apart from being blooming freezing here in adelaide...have a good weekend all

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