Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well today has been a disaster lol. The worse thing i have done recently is cut back on carbs for 4 days of the week like i did last week. I ate way too many cookies early in the i splurged on fish n chips. This morning i was up to 88.2 kilos...after the fish and chips i suspect i will be 91 kilos in the morning. Not sure if i will weigh in this week...i know ive gained i also know how to get back on track. Really the last 6 weeks or so have been a waste weight loss wise. My sleeping pattern has been all over the place...i think maybe i have been sleeping too much (12 hours last nite need i say more!!!) So i think for the rest of my holidays ill set my alarm for 8am. Its not absurbly early...and also make more of a effort to actually get up when i wake....not roll over and go back to sleep. I think also the gym needs to be attended to this week im going to try and attend lunch time and evening classes....

m - 45 mins cardio + PT + combat + jam
t - step + pump
w - pump + body balance
t - step + PT
f - body pump + abs class + 45 mins cardio
s - PT + 45 mins cardio + body balance

The crazy thing is after going to the gym yesterday doing PT a hour of cardio and body balance i felt so good last nite. I dont feel good when im skipping the gym....quite the opposite...i just feel completely unproductive and like im not focused. And i will really feel like the biggest hypocrite going out next saturday nite to celebrate my 5 years of healthy living if i cant even stick to my gym routine for 6 days. So back to eating 1628 calories per day....getting my sleep back to 8 hours a day....attending to the above plan as a MINIMUM....and also back taking my multivitamin pills...i stopped taking them and that prolly hasnt helped, altho im really starting to think now maybe too much sleep and not enough activity has been the problem and of course also focus on the water (even tho the chocolate and coke thing finishes at midnight tonite!!! YAY) but im gonna need to flush out the sodium from my system. The crazy thing is too...the fish n chips didnt even taste good....and the bbq chips i had were just dry tasting.

Yanno i did think about not posting about this...but truthfully...i think its important that people who read this journal get that im not perfect....i know people find my journey inspiring....and im grateful that what im doing may help others get the life they want....but i also think its good to realise none of us are perfect...and i think sometimes people have a perception i am perfect at this weight loss game...but im just stubborn and luckily have never fully given up...nor will no matter what slip ups we have they are only slip ups not failures we can all get back on track and continue on with what we started. I still dont have the life i want....there are still parts of the old me that continually pop up...we are all a work in progress!

I also have seen one other dress that i may get for dinner next weekend....going to try it on after the gym tomorrow...if not im then going to have to decide between the blue and black and white print idea which ill wear....the blue one is really too short....the black and white one is nice but i dont "love" it....i actually really like the blue one but the length worries me....also mite get my hair recoloured this week...will wait and see....


Just Jade said...

Hi Kaz. Thanks for being open about the ups and downs you go through. I'm going through the same kinda thing as you are right now, my weight isn't moving much, I've slacked off with the gym, and my eating has been less than perfect. For the last 4 weeks my weight has barely moved, I'm still sitting around the 85kg mark and it's starting to really get irritating... So irritating, I'm getting back into the gym each day as of tomorrow!

It's the start of a brand new month and week & No more excuses! For me the motivation is to get back into pretty dresses for summer, and summer is getting closer even if I aren't losing weight! I like how you reassessed your goals and let us know you are human, thanks for helping to remind me to dust myself off and get back into it again :)

Erin said...

As important it was for you to write this, it was just as important for me to read. Thank you for sharing.